They Had No Way But Cursing Jagan!

They Had No Way But Cursing Jagan!

Have you seen all our election commotion? Who Negina – People are talking only about YCP Janasena! Gradually AP politics began to change as YCP versus Janasena. Telugudesam party situation … The danger has started to sink as it is not even in Sodi. Seeing this … all the elders of Telugu Desam joined hands with Chandrababu and demanded that he should take the lead in the coming elections. However, it has already been reported that some Telugudesam patriarchs have joined hands with Junior NTR to take over the reins of the party.

Later it was reported that Chandrababu was also in the process of assembling Junior NTR. The real Chandrababu first sent some people to Junior NTR … Some people said that he wanted to talk when he was a bit cool.

They Had No Way But Cursing Jagan! 1

If the election starts from close … even before that, all the attempts made by Chandrababu to make Lokesh a direction for Telugu Desha … a future leader … a young leader have turned to ashes. People came to a sense that he lacked much leadership qualities.

However, fans who still admire the TDP, those who believe in Chandrababu’s leadership – are still showing great pride in Lokesh … trying to keep themselves in the same illusion … in the same illusion. And some of those patriarchs … recognizing the danger that the party might be completely ruined if they were tied to Lokesh – began efforts to bring Junior NTR to the screen. However, there are suspicions that they contacted Junior NTR in Chandrababu Kanusannala. Because, the latest news is that Chandrababu has also contacted Junior NTR. So Lokesh Aligadani … Lokesh Bhavamata is what it is like to keep a young man at home and beg Junior NTR that there is no one else in the party! News came that he was upset that his own father had to search outside for his successor. With this, in this context – Chandrababu has taken another height … Observers think that the Telugu Desam Party worked for the sake of coming into the talks at once and insulted CM Jagan with unspeakable insults. Nijanizalento should know for themselves!

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