Then Son One … Now The second one!

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Do not think the title of the movie. Bellamkonda hero’s younger brother is also a hero. That’s the thing. If a hero hits – his younger brother’s arrival is no stranger to Telugu cinema. But this is not the same as the arrival of Pawankalan after Chiranjeevi. Allu Sirish is like laying behind Allu Arjun. Don’t make negative comments. If you have the money to make a movie, you can also throw away your two sons and daughters. Who is not?

Beatle Leaf Production & Lucky Media Banners has begun a joint film production with Pooja, introducing top producer Bellamkonda Suresh as his hero Bellamkonda Ganesh. Star Director VV Vinayak, producers Bellamkonda Suresh, Dil Raju, Suresh Babu, Gemini Kiran, Abhishek Nama, Abhishek Agarwal, MLA Jeevan Reddy, Chandi Addala, Raj Kandukuri, Miria Ravinder Reddy and others attended the event.

Hero Bellamkonda Srinivas switched on the camera while producer Dil Raju clapped for the first scene. Directed by Director VV Vinayak Hon.

Director VV Vinayak said:

I was introduced as Bellamkonda Suresh’s director. I introduced their boy Srinivas as a hero. Now Suresh Gary is happy to be the Chief Guest at the Cherambai Ganesh Launch event. With Pawan Sadheeni directing the film, Ganesh is expected to make a good name as a hero. Technicians like me, Rathan and Karthik Ghattamani are working on the film. Vivek Athreya, who is best known as a director with the film ‘Brochevarevaravura’, wrote the film. The young team is working together to make this film a big success.

Producer Bellamkonda Suresh says …

Before the film, all the good technicians came. I would like to launch our boy myself, but Beckham came up with a good story. All the Best to the Entair Team.

Producer Beckham Venugopal says …

We have been working on this story for over a year since we loved the story that Pawan said. After the script was finalized, Nirutha Bellamkonda told the story of Suresh and Suresh loved the story. Ganesh, however, told the story of Ganesh that the film was good. We all love the story. Beatle Leaf Production has come forward to make the film even more grand, thanks to them. Thanks to producer Suresh and Dil Raju for blessing me.

Hero Bellamkonda Ganesh says …
The reason I stay in this position now is my father Bellamkonda Suresh. I owe it to our parents who always support me. Older brother Sai Srinivas treated me more than a brother. One day I heard daddy telling me this story. I became emotional upon hearing the story. Thanks to Beckham Venu Gopal and Pawan Sadheeni Gar who came to me with a good story. Karthik Ghattamaneni, Radhan worked for our film and Vivek Athreya was happy to write words.

Hero Bellamkonda Sai Srinivas Speaking …

Growing up before my eyes, my younger brother Bellamkonda Ganesh is happy to be introduced as a hero. I heard this story and loved it. Ganesh is happy to launch Hero with a good subject. Producer Beckham Venu Gopal said the rest of the technicians are best known.

Director Pawan Sadineni said …

Your coming up with Beautiful Love Story. Ganesh set the story straight. Producer Beckham Venu Gopal believes in me and thanks for making this film. Special thanks to Bellamkonda Suresh for supporting us. Rathan Music and Karthik Ghattamaneni camerawork are the main attractions of the film. The details of the other cast members will be revealed soon.

Director Vivek Athreya said …

Pawan’s story is good. Loved the story and wrote the words. I hope Ganesh gets a good actor with this film. Producer Beckham Venu Gopal said he was giving the best sequences to members of the film unit.

Hero: Bellamkonda Ganesh

Story – Screenplay – Directed by: Pawan Sadineni
Banner: Beetle Leaf Productions & Lucky Media
Producer: Beckham Venu Gopal
Dialogues: Vivek Athreya
Music: Radhan
Cameramen: Kartik Ghatamani I am
Art Director: Gandhi
PRO: Vamsi Shekhar

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