Then Dasari.. Now Puri

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Thousands of rupees go on to get a heart attack. Something like 80 to 100 crores … even if it is hard earned money .. Puri Jagannath is not just a director. The real hero. He knows money is hard. That is why on the day of his birth on September 28, he helped 30 people in the department named Helping Hands. 15 lakhs of 50 thousand each. Once the filmmakers get in trouble, they help in front of Dasari. So then Dasari .. Now Puri says people.

Puri Connections Producer Charmi Kaur There was a sale program worth Rs 15 lakh. Speaking at a press conference held at Prasad Labs in Hyderabad on Friday, Charmi said, “How it started. What a great word about me! After me, Puri Jagannath is my successor, ”he said. He seemed to help me in my mind from the accusation.

A Legendary Person Like Dasari Garu. When he gave the greatest praise to Puri – the program was intended to advance his responsibilities. With the courage given by Aroju Puri, the work of the Ismart Shankar project has started. Today we may have a helping hand for you but Ram Pothineni is the real hero who made this film believing Puri. Ram has been a helping hand for us. With the support he gave us today we are able to help.

This event continues every year on Puri’s birthday. Puri sent a nice message to all of you. It is – “Winning for your favorite work is hard and losing it is for death”! Thanks to everyone who came here.

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