And The Telugu Film Industry In Mohan Babu Hands!?

And The Telugu Film Industry In Mohan Babu Hands!?

Prakash Raj’s team has recently made a statement blaming the snow team. “Looking at the weather there, it looks like Manchu Vishnu is competing … Mohan Babe is competing directly” – he said! How true that is – although we do not know what we have not seen directly … Looking at the developments that are taking place now, it seems that the same is true.

And The Telugu Film Industry In Mohan Babu Hands!? 1

Mohan Babu – who was behind to win Vishnu from the beginning and turned the wheel – slowly came out of the screen. On the one hand, while showing Vishnu as “our” president … he made it clear through his actions and words how his dominance was going to be from now on. Mohan Babu, nicknamed Kopishti himself, in the name of discipline now appears in an anxious atmosphere in “us” who do not know when and how to lash out at anyone. More than that, they are in a situation where they can not tell anyone now. Because, Mohan Babu has already ordered them …. no one should say anything to the media. If anyone speaks openly to the media that that order is not – what happens in the name of discipline seems to have already come to the attention of many in “us”.

After ‘Our’ election, the atmosphere looks like a tense one. Cine people say that the attitude of the winners – “We are all one … let’s all be one … let’s be one mother” seems to be moving in a dominant direction. “Anyway … we won” is one of the slow winners.

Opposition groups called for a halt to the protests, saying “there is a lot of fraud behind this.” Without giving any proof or proof to refute the allegations – they are going in the direction of whether we won anyway, that episode is over … In addition to that, they also indirectly proved to everyone that they have political support. Mohan Babu has repeatedly said that AP Chief Minister Jaganmohan is like his cousin. Now for the swearing-in ceremony to hand over the presidency to Vishnu – KCR also indirectly expressed its support by sending Talasani as a guest! Indirectly what is Kharma, Talasani was directly told that he would have their support for Vishnu. And in a situation like this, there is justice for the Prakash Raj mega family … they can do nothing. There is no hope that the CC footage they asked for will also be available.

So .. the people of Tollywood are saying that Mohan Babu has finally entered the world of Telugu cinema in Gupti. He should have been like you … he should have been like that because he has already started placing orders, and now the Snow Mark‌ administration has also started!

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