The Driver Of TDP Chariot Is No More!


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Harikrishna is the man who shared the polygonic work in NTR’s sons. He was the man who led his father, and he was the main part of his success. When NTR established Telugu language, he was amongst his sons.

When NTR established the party in 1983 – because he was a popular person among the people – politics also got a touch of politics. Additionally, NTR, who loves Telugu everywhere, has named it ‘Chaitanya Ratham’ for his Telugu Desam Party van. The party was propagated by the party roaming around. Harikrishna himself took over as the captain of that consciousness. Fourteen persons can be drivers for NTR level. But Harikrishna himself is the driver in a long journey. When NTR stopped, he was on his way back to his father’s party campaign.

Even though NTR has been a comedian of the time, he did not count on NTR’s pain in politics. Nightclubs are campaigning for a chaotic party. People also waited for hours to wait for NTR to watch. So the momentum has come to a standstill. However, Harikrishna was so tired that he did his job. Thus, Harikrishna became a key figure in the Tollywood success.

NTR had a lot of confidence on the driving of Harikrishna. Such a caricature car must be killed in the accident. Some time ago, his son Janakiram also died. We want peace to the heart of the heart!

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