The Credit Of This Song Goes To Mahesh Only

Amrutha Ayyar

We have seen Pradeep Machiraju as an anchor. Now with ‘How to love in 30 days?’ He is a hero on the big screen. One song in the movie is ‘Nee Neely Aksham’. But do you know why it hit? Not Chandra Bose who wrote the song, the singers Siddhreeram and Sunita. Mahesh just released! If you want. Mahesh Babu is launching his movie ‘Nee Neely Aksakam’ which has hit all the Telugu people in the world. Mahesh did not attend the meeting, but all credit. No matter how much talent in our Tollywood – Establishment elders should be raised. The little ones should immerse them in reverse. There is no other way beyond that. Boo! Maciraju! Patteshavaya gimmick! Ghatikudive!

With the launch of Mahesh Babu, hero Pradeep Machiraju said that his film ‘Nee Neely Akshakam’ has gone to all the Telugu people in the world. Pradeep Machiraju, who has been the TV anchor so far, is making his debut in the movie ‘How to love in 30 days’. SV Babu is producing this movie under the banner of SV Productions. (The nickname may be Munna. His real name is also Pradeepeneta!) Amrita Iyer Naik. Anoop Rubens has composed the music and Chandra Bose has composed the lyrics for the song ‘Nee Neely Akshakam’.

Actor Sameer:

“I think Chandra Bose is a good lover. I think this song is an altogether sensational hit. A recent movie is showing what a song is taking to Heights. It is also a hit movie. Thanks to director Munna for giving me a good character in such a good movie.”

Actress Hema:

“Thanks to Pradeep Fans who made this song a big hit. 90% of them are Lady Fans. , Happy to work with a good director. ”

Anoop Rubens:

“Thank you to the audience who made this song a big hit. Working on this movie was a really good experience. The story demanded good music. The story was good, even after watching the film. Wonderful lyrics by Chandra Bose along with tunes. While Shivendra is amazingly accompanied by his visuals, the heroines of the film are praised by Pradeep and Amrita.

Singer Suneetha:

“Anoop sang the music and Chandra Bose sang many wonderful songs. The ‘Nee Neeli Aakasham’ was a miracle. Thanks for giving us the opportunity to sing this song.”

Chandra Bose:

“This is the first time I know of a triumph in a song. In this I am proud to be not only an accomplice but also a lyricist. When Anoop became the music director from the keyboard player, I wrote the first song for myself. Directors Sukumar and Harish. , Sampath Nandi, Hanu Raghavapudi and my co-authors Hours. SP Balasubrahmanyam-in-law, my friend, many of the crown of your glory kalikiturallalo a kalikiturayi be blessed. Purity, sanctity of the song so that it continues to be sick in mind that many. I ‘rangasthalamloni “How sakkagunnave” Congratulations to all of this song after song are ”

Heroine Amrita Iyer:

“The producer Babu Garu looked at me like a daughter. The director Munna gave me a very big character in the movie. It was a movie that was very close to my heart. I loved it when I heard the song. When I first heard this song, I got goose bumps. Lyrics is very intensive. Pradeep is a very good actor.

Producer SV Babu:

“I really didn’t expect this song to come out so well. When I heard the lyrics, I said it was great. Thanks to all the Telugu people in the world for making this song such a big hit. Thank you to cinematographer Sivendra, who made the song so well. Have worked with some big music directors Hours. A lot of them have come to the songs of the wards. Above all, this is the song. I have given the good music to Anoop Rubens, as good as the Bose lyrics garu Thanksgiving, “he said.

Director Munna:

Thanks to Rana for launching the first look motion poster. Thank you to Rana. I was very happy to hear the song ‘blue blue sky’. The first viewer of the song was superstar Mahesh. The song is being sung by everyone from near the countryside to social media. I had no other option except Anoop Rubens, who was very happy to see the film with the recording, the audience singing the recording, the great music by Anoop and Chandra Bose gave great lyrics and the music of Samjhajji to Sid Shriram and Pattani. Get that song Pradeep on Amrita’s performance claims about the way how small. However, if it favors the producer SV Babu. He said that thanks to a smaller number, “he said.

Hero Pradeep Machiraju:

“We believe that our unit is making a good movie because of the smiles on everybody’s faces. We believe that Telugu audiences will always enjoy good films. The film’s director, Munna’s real name, Pradeep, has worked together for two years. Like a housewife and a father, producer SV Baba I am very happy to say that the producer of this film is a wonderful person who is a wonderful person and we are fortunate to find such a producer who is very fortunate to find such a character in every film. Time Favorite and Puri Jagannath direct The ‘Temper’ songs are also very fond of. I did not expect that to be music director Anoop is my first film.

Legendary lyricist Chandra Bose wrote the song ‘blue blue sky’ is amazing. It’s not the magic in his pen, it’s the magic in his mind. The song was sung by Sid Sriram and Sunita. On Instagram, Twitter, Tick Talk .. Happy to be this song everywhere. Over one lakh videos are trending on this song in a single tick talk. Thanks to Rana Anna for launching the first look poster. Special thanks to our superstar Mahesh Gary who launched the video on his Twitter and Instagram, admiring the song and admiring the song. This is the biggest launch in my life. With his launch, the song has reached all the Telugu people in the world. On behalf of SV Babu, his son Vinay Babu co-ordinated with us and was in charge of the production. He hopes to produce many good films soon. We shot the song ‘blue blue sky’ in half Rajahmundry and half Kerala. Amrita Iyer is a wonderful co-star. I was fortunate to have such wonderful, beautiful acting in my first film. We will be bringing this film to everyone very soon. ”

Actor Bhadram, cinematographer Dasarathi Sivendra and art director Naresh Babu also spoke at the event.


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