That’s Why I’m Competing

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She does not have much money. No business. There is no wage for every month. At least not a bank balance. Not much educated person. But there is plenty of commitment to uphold poor families. For all the difficulties of the poor are her selfishness. Last year, the 26-year-old Vaishti district of Maharashtra, where the husband of Sudhakar succumbed to the suicide of his two children, is contesting for the Pahar Janshakti Party in the Lok Sabha elections. The first phase of polling will be held on 11th of this month.
After seven years into the outer world
With the death of her husband, seven years have passed away from the well-being of their relatives and now come to the road. After attending the All India Bharatiya Marathi Literary Summit held three months ago, she was introduced to society as a whole. Now there is a deposit of Rs 1,000 crore to collect the nomination, and collect money from the public. Om Prakash (bachelor) of Prahar Janshakti Party, who won from the district thrice MLA, gave her the ticket to contest from the all-mal-Lok Sabha seat.
From sewing to nomination
Her husband Sudhakar committed suicide because she had no financial contribution to the two children and she reached her parents (Donggar Kadra village). Vailey, where he had been there for two years, then learned that his father bought a sewing machine and learned to live on his own feet. Later, Angan Wadiyi has registered her name in the center.
Yavat mall for addressing suicides
Maharashtra is the largest farmers suicide in the country, in the state of Vidarbha area in the district of Mawatha district in the last year, about 1500 farmers have committed suicide. Vaishali expressed his disappointment that all the country’s peasantry and the farming industry had not been given to political parties and that it was not the priority given to Pulwama. She said that many MPs and MLAs are not concerned about the farmers’ difficulties and that she wants herself to be in Parliament as an experienced person.
The private liabilities that the farmers are extracting
Ali said. The farmers from the soil have finally gone to the mud and explained that the farmers do not understand the fact that the wife’s children are Adani and Ambanis,
Alcohol has become a habit of habit
Vaishali said that the government has been focusing on increasing its income through liquor sales and the farmers who can not afford to live are in the balance of the addiction. Hence, he said that he is promoting the campaign in this election campaign and also promises the ban on alcohol in his constituency. He explained that milk was supplied to people who had bottled before the liquor shop. The author of the Marathi literary summit, Nayanthara Sahgal, had to attend, but because she could not come up with some political forces, she said that she had the opportunity to start the convention as the chief guest and mentioned that women are the victims as a victim and that is the first step. It is clear that the MPs are unaware of the difficulties of suicides and suicides, and that they want to express themselves to the whole country as a parliamentary seat and that is why the Lok Sabha is contesting elections.

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