That’s The Place Of Tollywood In Amazon Prime Video!

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Recently, Superhit Telugu Movie ‘Goodhachari’ was given at Amazon Prime. But it is difficult to find out where it is going to be. Because – the preferred choice for the Telugu films on the Amazon Prime Video site!

That's The Place Of Tollywood In Amazon Prime Video! 1Amazon Prime offers a slide show on top of site to promote new movies. A dozen slides are being run everyday. But no matter how much of the English Hindi movies advertisements – no matter how much new movie in the Telugu language does not appear in the slideshow. This top spot is limited to just a few English movies and Hindi movies. Occasionally Tamil films appear. There is no place for Telugu. Bharat, I am in the Movies amazon Prime, like theater. Recently, the spy movie is also offered in the prime. But they do not have the priority. Not least the top flight in the slide show.

Did not anyone know the new Telugu movie in the Amazon Prime? That is why ads are intended to increase viewership for promotion. But if you go to the site, Telugu will be the source. Go to the category of any new film and find it hard to find! Slightly visible does not feature in the slide show. What a shocking English serials and the importance of the TV Shows Key is not even given to the hilarious Telugu films! Amazon needs to think about it!

Amazon’s popularity is not to say that great movies are not serials. But Amazon India is a businessman with Indian filmmakers – Indian cinema not like Bahubali, no matter how much Sababo Amazon wants to think of ‘Teluguman’. This is a fair demand as a Teluguman. What amazon is!

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