That’s How Happened ‘Chanakya’ Pre-Release

This is a Chanakya Pre-Release function! Then! What do you feel when you see all these men who are queuing up and making a great movie? Where are the heroines? Did that seem to be the case? We are not analem .. Ravi Teja stylo Annalante In this case what do you know? Era, Zarine Khan and Meherinu .. Two Jamajetti-like heroines … Do you think you are achieving something like Entra and something big? Do you get a pre-release function without heroines? Telaikkudhatanore … Come to your faces for the movie? Will they come see you? – Say that. But please. Etiquette? They like their movie. They sent us the same photo. The same should show.

Gopichand and Mehreen star in the movie ‘Chanakya’. Bollywood heroine Zarine Khan is playing a pivotal role. The main production company, under the direction of Mr. Hiren ekeentartainments banner producer of the film is that of Rama, Brahmam. Released on October 5, the film’s pre-release event was held in Vizag. In this process …

Ramajogayyasastri said – ” Banner ekeentartainments equal to my own. The producers are very good. The movie coming from this banner is very good response to ‘Chanakya’. Teaser and trailer are all over. Cinema exceeds audience expectations. Director Thiru Mana Teluguwade. Kallisi is making a gigantic film with the producers. We are confident that the Telugu audience will also be supporting the film, which will be playing a variety of films. Vishal Chandrasekhar and Sreecharan provided good music for Pakala. Fustaf Sarada .. Secondhand has a good action part. The movie will be pleasing everyone. ”

MVV Sathyanarayana said: “Cinema wants to achieve great success”. Music Director Vishal said: “This is a huge opportunity. Gopichand is happy to work with Tirumari. I have learned many new things. Ekeentartainmentsto happy to work there, “he said.

Abburi Ravi said, “This is a spy thriller. Director Thirumaru is a wonderful film. Watching the movie becomes a good movie. It is a film that inspires good patriotism, ”he said. Director Thiru said, ” Gopichandgar has played a new role. The film is also on the list of favorite movies. Released on October 5, the film will be enjoyed by everyone. Sreecharan Pakala and Vishal Chandrasekhar provide good music with a background score. The vetrigaru gave very good visuals. Abburi Ravigar writes wonderful dialogues. Also, the Ramajogayagastriya wrote very good songs. Entertain the film. Gopichandgaru is a very hard-working film.

Rajesh Qatar said: “I am looking forward to acting in Telugu films. I am happy to work with Chanakya and Gopichandgari. I will be playing Qureshi in this movie. I dubbed myself in Telugu. The film will be released on October 5, ”he said.

Anil Sunkara said, “It is a pleasure to make a film with Gopichandgari under our banner. We are showing them in a new angle. Director Thirumaru is a wonderful film. Thanks to Vetrigaru, Vishal Chandrasekhar, Sreecharan Pakal and the heroine Mehreen Sahai Entair Unit. Released on October 5, the film will entertain the audience.

Gopichand said, “The elements of the film are what the audience wants from me. There are good fights and dialogues. Director Thirumaru showed how to show a hero. Abburi Ravigaru writes very good dialogues. The songs also get a good response. Vishal Chandrasekhar and Sreecharan provided some wonderful music. Anil Sunkaragiri films are very fashionable. I enjoyed doing it with such devotion. I will return your love on October 5th. ”

Gopichand, Meherin, Zarine Khan and Rajesh Qatar

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Story, Screenplay, Direction: Thiru
Producer: Ramabrahman Sunkara
Executive Producer: Kishore Girikapati
Co Producers: Ajay Sunkara
Music: Vishal Chandrasekhar
Cinematography: Vetri Palaniswamy
Writer: Abburi Ravi
Art: Ramana Wanka
Co-Director: Dasam Sai, Raj Mohan
PRO: Vamsi Shekhar

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