That Magazine Is Not To Read!

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Usually calculates that we are like magazines, stories, features, and some important news analytics. However, print magazines are more popular in past times – since the book is dull and readable – some interactive elements are placed in magazines to get involved. For example, asking readers to write opinions on the stories and publish their letters, including Peru Uru. That’s why the reader who was part of the magazine also came to the reader. Those who have become writers of the letters have also increased enthusiasm, and in the latter case have become even larger writers. The greatness of interactivity is that!

To combine the magazine with the magazine, fill in the letters in the techniques used to increase their interaction, fill up puzzles, add to the length, add to the stories, look for the answer for the answer. People will be happy to fulfill them.

But now the time has changed. The ways to interactivity are exhausted. If the book is in the face book, the messages we see in Watsap, the answer is going to be a time for the audience. Who has the time to interact with the interactive forms of magazines, filled the puzzles, completing the phrases and other phrases? We do not think there is anyone else … yet – even in this high-tech interactive period – interactive puzzles, such as puzzles in the magazines, interactive puzzles, It’s a surprise.

But it is not an English magazine, it is not an Indian magazine. Sweden’s Magazine. Comes in Swedish. The name of the Korsord magazine is that the magazine does not have lofty articles and stories. Every page is filled with interactive puzzles. The readers of this magazine have not read the story – the feature or the story. Complete all the puzzles. Readers can also make and send such puzzles. Although the internet has grown so much .. Without the interaction of people with many interactive elements, this carard magazine is still very popular!

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