Thanks To Everyone Who Made The Big Hit!

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Bellamkonda Srinivas, Anupama Parameswaran as the heroine is Rakesh Verma in the film ‘Rakshasudu’ which is directed by Penmetsa on a Studios banner. The film was held in Hyderabad on Tuesday. Speaking on the occasion, Bellamkonda Suresh said, “Thanks to everyone who has been a part of ” Rakshasudu ” film success. The film’s budget is Rs 22 crore. In terms of film business, Andhra, Seeded, Nizam Theatrical Rights sold Rs 12 crores. Hindi Satellite Rs 12 crores and Telugu Satellite Rs 5.90 crores. The film was sold for a total of Rs 30 crore. The cost of theatrical rights came to Rs 12 crore yesterday. Many areas were interrupted by rain. The second week, however, was more spectacular than the First Week. I bought the rights to Vizag and East. In the Vizag area yesterday, Rs 2 crore was received. The film started off with a profit. Collections will create a tsunami if there is no rain. ”

“In Tamil, even in the first two and three weeks more collections. I owe a lot to Ramesh Verma Vargarya, producer Koneru Satyanarayana and Havishgari who gave me such a good film. Thanks to Ramesh Verma Vargara who made this good film and the time I needed. Thanks to the actors and technicians for the movie .. nipunulandaru after Roe, who was the hero of the technology. Jibran number one hero, after the hero of our trusted. Tour does not plan to do anything. 15, will plan the tour. ”

“I am planning to make a movie with our boy but .. Entertainment and songs should be beyond the son-in-law. After the son-in-law, such songs have not come again. Surely the script will be done. Ravinder Reddy has made a movie with Jayasanakinayaka. Abhishek did the same with Sakshi I have been making big movies to make our boy a star hero. We want to make a film with planning. ”

Multidimensional Vasu said: ‘The Tamil blockbuster Rakshasaan has been remake of Telugu movie titled Monster. Tamil blockbuster hit in Tamil has become a double sensation in Telugu. Blockbuster hit the second day in Telugu. In the first week of the rains, the movie Break Even Collections to achieve the profits in 10 days. The credit goes to Sai and Ramesh Varma. Audiences have paid off in the form of collections for difficulty. Share came in second week more than First Week. We expect another four weeks of such a collection. Sai underwhelmed his image. ”

Ramesh Verma said, “I was scared when the fourth day of First Week was a bit of a movie. The movie was fantastic in the second week, though. Thanks to Bellamkondasureshgary for giving me Srinivas with confidence in me. The second week seemed to be a lot of fun with the movie Break Even. Sai is a very good actor. Sai and Anupama’s other technicians have done well. Thanks everyone.

Bellamkonda Srinivas said: “Thanks to the media friends who took the film to the audience. Distributors and Exhibitors Safe on the 10th. I am very happy. We have remade the Tamil film in Telugu according to our sensibilities. It’s hard to remake a hit movie. This is the character that needs to be played. This is an Experimental Movie. Thanks to everyone who supported the film so far. ”

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