Telugu Name Boards Are Must Now!

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Save the Telugu language now … is one of the emergency situations. It is now necessary to preserve the honor of Telugu nationality and the existence of the Telugu language at one time. Speaking at a recent event in Vijayawada, AP Workers said that “Telugu language protection should start from our home”. That’s really worth it. Because everyone is protected to save Telugu, they are less likely to teach Tamil to their children. We are in love with the Telugu nerpally, our language and culture, and learning that Telugu can not have time to waste time or waste. How do you save Telugu at this time?

Now the mind is in keeping with the Telugu language of their language but it is not known what kind of benefit will happen. That’s no guarantee. It is not a good thing to learn just for benefit. Even though lives are busy, there is no time to learn what is needed – the feeling is in the public. So – the great solution to our culture and the importance of our language – it is the first solution to the efforts of the people to understand the present day. They should also be in this style of style.

While these programs are going on side-by-side, it is also necessary to mandate the mandates of Telugu. Some people oppose if the government rules on language. So far we have been very generous in language. But now that’s not the case. Telugu must be preserved. The labor minister said that two fingers would be penalized if shops did not place names in front of shops and restaurants. This is a good thing, but some people say it is objectionable. However, these decisions should not be made without too much finances. Language laws must be enforced, even if there are not strict sentences. What has happened to the action – the Telugu letters should make the decision to see us all around us. If you do that, the newborns will learn Telugu. Thereby language and culture stand out. It seems that it is mandatory for English speaking stunts to speak English in school – to hit children.

The film is about KCI – who is being questioned in Telugu and now seems to be more active about Telugu security. Tollywood, Telangana, and the language of the language in the same way that divided the cultures divided into two – first faced with the anger of the Andhra – after his speech in the World Congress, many Telugu people became his fans! KCR is very much in the Telugu language and literature. However, the Telugu name of the Telugu people in the absence of Telangana – but only to the Telangana – his love of Telugu and the way he showed his linguists. Telugu and Telangana are two separate languages, not to be the same, to respect the accusations – if you are all right to protect the true Telugu – Telugu statesman again in the day of his flag flowing again.

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