“Telugu Means Tamil” Says Google!

( This is a raw translation /machine translation posted temporarily. Until we replace it with fine version, Please read Telugu version if you are comfortable with Telugu. Follow the Telugu link below the article. )

First we are all Indians. And then South Indians. And then Telugus. But the problem comes when the South is treated as second-rate Indians by some mean North parties and people. Experts say that all of the southern parts are ‘madrassikal’, the only thing that speaks is a testimony to the past northern pride. The experience of humiliation is so prevalent in the south. Such experiences – regional parties emerged against the Congress in the South. This is true of history. The BJP, which has some ideological ideals, is now a very good party and it is a very sad thing to be treated with bias towards the country’s perfection.

Telugu, Tamil, Kannada and Malayalam cults are totally different in the South. Not to mention them – without knowing the names of the South, the Tamils ​​are talking about – the neglect of southern culture. This neglect is seen among the Hindi-dominated regions and states in the north. But now it is a surprise to see that Telugu and Tamil are the same in its translation.

For example, go to the google translate web site (translate.google.com) and choose Telugu as the source language and type “Telugu before”. Do you know what will happen if you choose to translate English into the right target language? In fact, what should be translated in English for the phrases “Telugu front”? “Infront of the Telugus” and “Before The Telugus” should be shown. But what does Google translate to? “Before The Tamils”.

"Telugu Means Tamil" Says Google! 1We say ‘s’ where the plural is used in Telugu. In Tamil, it is used as Kal and Gala. Even when this article is about to be transmitted to Google, the word ‘madrassikal’ is translated as ‘madrassikal’ into Tamil. See how painful it is!

NTR golpattskkaltkaltkal tattirukku that Telugu Tamil is not one and they have a unique identity. It is sad that there is still a similar situation. Every Telugu person needs to be informed that Telugu is not Tamil. It’s good if Google is instantly correct.

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