Tanish’s another movie ‘Mahaprasthanam’

Mahakavyam Mahaprasthanam written by Mahakavi Srishree. Very great. The film has a great reputation. But the Problem – that is, the Great Teaching of the Supreme Buddha – playing only when humans are gone – and giving it a different image – is also used in the context of the ‘great rule’ in the context of man’s end. Babu Thanesh! Seeing this title seems to end your career. Actually the body is out of control, the career is out of hand.

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The new movie starring Tanish is a great movie. Journeyoff on Emotional Killer is the subtitle for the film. Directed by the horror thriller, Johnny is making his second film. Omkareshwara Creations Mahaprasthanam is producing the film. Famous actors like Kabir Duhan Singh, Amit, Gagan Vihari and Kancherapalem Raju will be seen in other roles. Mahaprasthanam Cinema is set to hit the heart of crime with a touching love story. The film will go on a regular shoot from early December.

Director Johnny talks about the film … This is an action emotional love story. The story unfolds from the perspective of the protagonist. Tanish is perfectly suited for this emotional love story. The love, suffering and anger of the protagonist impresses the audience watching the film. Immerses us in the story. We are going to start regular filming in Hyderabad from the first of December. We are preparing for an indefinite shooting. Said.

Songs for this movie – Vasantha Kiran, Yanala Siva, Songs – Pranavam .., Fights – Shiva Prem, Music – Sunil Kashyap, Cinematography – MN Bala, Story Writing Direction – Jani

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