Taneesh, Please Try Mollywood!


He who wants to be a hero has to be thin like Amitab. Not like Amzad Khan. If Amitabh turns Amjad – the movie would not be a blockbuster like Sholey, but a big disaster like Aag.

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Of course, Tanesh who was seen as a small child in the movie ‘Cupid’ can not succeed as a hero – his body is also part of the reason. True. Don’t be critical of being fat. That’s not culture. It depends on the body of the man. But film is a commercial field. Entertainment. Arts. The art here is the art. Otherwise they will be left behind. What? Does Taneesh know the truth? Don’t dress like Cupid?

Shouldn’t those who are the original fat be the heroes? What do they do comedy? – Don’t say that. If so, why did he named Ganesha – the hero of Ramakrishna Raju (Athanandi Krishna) – comedy? Serious movie?

But these lovers and six-pack lovers are just as limited as our Tollywood and Bollywood. Mohanlal is a great hero in Malayalam. Is it not? There, in the Malayalam film industry known as Mollywood – not just heroes, but also the character artists are doing some art – coconut oil. But their career has no problem. Depends on the receiver. Bollywood can be a heroine only if she is very bakkapalacha. If not fat – not accepted in the South. If our heroines are too fat for Hindi people and Hindi heroines are skeletons for us – what’s wrong with that? Differentiation in Taste. That’s it!

It is not possible for everyone to be like Rajnee, who is seventy years old. Kamal, Rajni and Surya are all fit heroes! Prabhu is the heir of Shivaji Ganeshan? Is Monnatidaka a hero in Tamil? There are people like Pardipan who have no control over the body! Yet the heroes. So Tamil can be tried as a second option.

But in body control, if not Namitha Item Songkainina konikkomindo … But none of the heroes in Telugu. This is the truth that history tells. Will Tanesh Lau make a new history as we make history? That’s okay though.

But Tanish, for one thing. Tom Hanks’ s style – ladies hero, do you have that challenging mentality? Continue in Tollywood as a hero. Kudaraleda? But go to Malayalam or Tamil. Better advice than Straight Nobody gives you! This is because the people are more interested. Less frankness. But the Teluguadavam is less of a passion. Frankness is too much. So .. Follow me!

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