Taneesh.. Is There A Chance For A Hit?

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Taneesh .. Unable to take control of his body – Whoever is heroines. From time to time, he pushes in front of us. In the absence of body control, Kurrodi Husaru has nothing to do with it. Even if the hit does not happen – he is hoping to someday come up with a hit. Do you remember the heroine of the film? Then she kept her face in suspense. Ame … Bhanushree Mehra. He is also in the movie. Who knows? Did the movie hit?

The new film starring the young protagonist Tanish is a great movie. Directors Jani are making this film under the banner of Omkareshwara Creations. Muskan Sethi plays the heroine. Bhanushree Mehra and Rishika Khanna will be seen in the lead roles. Filming of Mahaprasthanam is going on fast. About 50 percent of the shooting is complete. Currently, key scenes are being filmed in a special set at the Gachibowli Aluminum Factory in Hyderabad. Actors like Raja Ravindra, Amit and Gagan Vihari are also involved in this scene. The film crew described the film’s progress.
Director Johnny said that actors and technicians, including Danesh, are collaborating with the film. We are able to do what is expected. Almost all of our films have a negative character. There are two or three good characters. Everyone has a gang of villains. The hero is a criminal. It is a Criminal Emotional Journey that takes place among some criminals. The movie is coming up very well. We think Mahaprasthanam does justice to the title. The title of the Mahaprasthanam is titled as the journey of the life of the hero character. But this does not appear in the Sri Sri ideology. Said.
Hero Thanesh says, ‘Our film shooting is going as planned. The directors are designing and telling the story of Johnny. We are shooting a Yagnala night. It is difficult to see a film like this. There is no justice to this story if it is not done with dedication. We took this as a challenge. You will tell yourself after watching the movie tomorrow. We pretend to rehearse every shot. We have completed nearly 50 percent of filming in two weeks. The shooting is scheduled for release later this month. This is a story that takes place in the backdrop of action. Very new, like an experiment on Indian screen. Nowhere is it messed up. Today, our society goes on to show the realities of events. It is a story that tells the great meaning of how we should and should not be. Said.
Speaking of Nayaka Bhanushree Mehra … After a long time I am acting in Telugu cinema. I got married recently. That’s why I took a short break. I look for the role of a journalist in the movie Mahaprasthanam. This is a crucial role. Said.
Heroine Muskan Sethi says that she is happy to be a heroine in the grand finale. This is an interesting story. The film is being shot in a different methodology. This is the first time I am involved in a shooting like this. Amazing action, pits, and a little glamor. Said.
Raja Ravindra and Amit were present at the event.

Songs – Vasantha Kiran, Yanala Siva, Songs – Pranavam .., Music – Sunil Kashyap, Cinematography – Bal Reddy, Story Story Direction – Jani

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