Tamil Movie As Duster 1212 Into Telugu

Then. In the meantime, the name of the alphabet has increased greatly. The same trend is running for dubbing movies. This is another dubbing film like this. The name of the Tamil film Manesaremmo is not exactly … Shema Bodha Agade, the movie is named Duster 1212 in Telugu. Atharva hero of Murali son

Duster 1212 is a film starring Valmiki fame under the banner of Shubhakari Creations. The film is being produced by Badri Venkatesh and produced by Maripi Vidyasagar (Vinay). The first look of the film has been unveiled by the hero Srikanth. In the event of a press conference …

Speaking of Hero Srikanth … My special congratulations to the Duster 1212 Team. Very Young and Talented Hero. The bottom line is that. There is no specific mention of Murali in the past with the movie ‘Heart’. Their boy is being made a hero. The film will be released in Telugu. Producer Vinayagara is producing the film. Talk is also a good big hit in Tamil Nadu. I wish this film a good success in Telugu too. There have been many instances in the past that have been released in Telugu. Telugu Audience is the best all-around team that everyone wants to embrace.

Producer Vinay said … My name is Vinay. This is our second film in the Shubhakari Creations banner. Starring Atharva Muralikaru in Tamil. This is a bachelor’s software employment story. The release of our movie posters from the hands of the day srikantgari cesamindulo jikereddi (the father of the hero Vishal) played a major role. Karunakaran and Manobala comedy is great. We are trying to bring this film to the audience in October.

Natinatuluh Atharvaveda, anaika Sodhi, Misty, devadarsini, jikereddi (the father of the hero Vishal), MS. Bhaskar, Manobala, Yogibabu, Aadukalam Naren, Ranjith, Karunakaran and Remy Karthikeyan are among the cast.

Dairektarhbradi Venkatesh, prodyusarahmaripi Vidyasagar (Vinay) dailagshrajasekharreddi, myujikhyuvansankarraja, editarhpravinkeel, sinimatographihgopi Amarnath

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