‘Tamasoma Jyotirgamaya’ Trailer Released By KTR

Tamasoma Jyotirgamaya Trailer Released By Minister KTR

‘Tamasoma Jyotirgamaya’ is a film directed by young director Vijay Kumar Badugu that reflects the lives of handloom artists like ‘Mallesam’ and ‘Kanchivaram’. Through this film, Anand Raj and Sravanishetti are introduced as hero and heroine. The film is being produced by Tadaka Ramesh under the banner of Vimal Creations. Submission of Guna Entertainments. The first look poster of the film, which was recently completed, was released by renowned director N Shankar. Telangana IT Minister KTR released the trailer on Wednesday on the occasion of the film being released worldwide on the 29th of this month by Padmaja Distribution. Producer Sai Karthik said at a press conference held at Prasad Lab on the occasion .. The trailer is very good. We loved watching this movie and wanted to release this movie. There really should be more good films like this. These are our real life stories. We are releasing this film worldwide in the hope that more good films will come if such films are supported. Already eight centers in America are OK. We are releasing the belief that today’s generation needs to be told about such handicrafts and the lives of people in the handloom sector. The film is set to release on the 29th of this month.

Producer Tadaka Ramesh says .. I have a lot of faith in this film. God is always there for me, no matter what I do. Also, the reason why I have a lot of faith in this movie is because of Guna Entertainment Karthik. I found a good friend in the form of Karthik. I would also like to thank Rushika Madam for releasing this film worldwide. The story of this film is about those who depend on artisans for their livelihood. Screened in the context of their lives. This is to say that many people will find employment if artisans can also adapt to the changing times. Also special thanks to Minister KTR Gari for releasing this movie trailer. He looked at the movie trailer and complimented that it was great. I will give you support in the case of this movie. Really thank him. And once again I would like to thank all the actors and technicians who starred in this movie. Definitely going to want to admire this movie.

Director Vijay Kumar says .. This is a film that was shot entirely in the vicinity of Pochampally. Recently completed post-production and ready for release.

‘Tamasoma Jyotirgamaya’ We are going to show the living conditions of weavers in Sirisilla, Bhudan Pochampally between 2001 and 2014. I would like to express my special thanks to the producer Tadaka Ramesh for believing this story and supporting me. Special thanks to Guna Entertainments Karthik Gowd for coming forward to release the film worldwide. Anand and Shravan played the hero in this movie very well. Despite many problems, our team was very supportive. My thanks to them. Special thanks to Suresh Kondetti for promoting this film. Also thanks to Ganesh for supporting me in every aspect. Very good story, coming in the background of real life events is sure to make everyone like this movie.

Hero Anand Raj says .. I would like to thank Guna Entertainments for coming forward to release this movie. It is said that the dialogues in this movie are very good.

Screened with a good story that everyone will love. Definitely said I want everyone to support.

Heroine Sravanishetti says .. Vijay thanks Somach .. for taking me as the heroine in this movie. As well as the producer. Today’s generation needs to know how weaver works. Their hardships and tears were all well screened. Also the technical aspects came out well. For more such good movies to come, such movies have to be supported. Definitely going to want to admire our film.

For this film
Music: Mark K Prashant
Camera: Shravanji Kumar
Art: Saini Bharat.
Directed by: Vijay Kumar Badugu
Producer: Tadaka Ramesh
PRO: Suresh Kondetti

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