Talent Or Beauty.. Which Do You Prefer?

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Beauty or talent? What does people value more in general? In the case of female athletes, however, the answer is beauty scores more. Yes. Though this may sound bitter to some players – this is the undeniable truth!

Do you remember … the beautiful tennis player Anna Kournikova? She has such a beauty that cannot be denied. But her game talent is endless. But the people gave her a crazy nerve. To that end, the game was put – just thought. The truth is that when Sania Mirza comes to see the craze she is surprised. Sania never entered a world-class sport, but to some degree – never achieved great success. There are no big titles that have stood up and won on his account. But Sania is crazy.

Take Peevy Indus now. It is noteworthy that even though Sania won the gold at the international level, the craze did not come to fruition. The reason is … whether you say it or not, admit it or not … glamor. Sorry .. It is not culture to talk about their beauty in the case of those who have succeeded and brought honor to the country. But there is talk about our Indian Mindset so it is being talked about.

But then, our Indian girl was going into international tennis and Sania was recognized. Along with that came a tremendous craze with impressive looks. Later she got huge ads with her. She has a lot of image as an Indian sports star. And now – even though she has achieved greater success – there is no such momentum in Indus. Why?

Sania is a champion of one side and a beautiful star of the other. Now Sindhu – the girly girl does not look like she is a symbol of the industry or perseverance. Psychology in our country – no matter how successful the girl is – the craze for being beautiful doesn’t come for the rest of the winners. This is not a sport … it is a common rule that applies to all sectors. The girl may be a collector, head of a large company, and she may have many intelligences. A lot of courage, perseverance and adventure. Whatever it is – beauty is becoming an additional qualification when it comes to finals. This is the power that can once again beat all the other qualifiers. Sindhu and Saniya like ads to make a little makeover!

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