Sukumar Endorses ‘Madhanam’ Movie

Good movie never fails .. A new point, ‘Mathanam’ is a big hit … not someone who says – at trailer launch time … Brilliant director Sukumar! Sukumar Lantolulu is a great director. But when it comes to the launch, four good words about the movie. What are we to believe? But the movie looks good in the trailer.

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Divanaprasad and Ashok Prasad are jointly producing the film “Mathanam” under the banner of Kashi Productions under the direction of Ajay Manikandan as Sreenivasa Sai’s hero. Made as a love entertainer with a realistic storyline, the film will be released on December 6 in the first time US without being released in India. The film’s trailer release was held at Prasad Labs. Super Director Surender Reddy, Hero Srinivasa Sai, Heroine Bhavana Rao, Actors Ajay Ghosh, Ravi Prakash, Subhash, Duvvasi Mohan, Actress Hema, Producer Divya Prasad Venkateswara Rao, Cameramen PG Vinda, Lyric Writer Purnachari, Tana President Satish Vemula, Secretary Vipotula, Chitra producer Ashok Prasad and others were present ..

Brilliant Director Sukumar said … Ashok Prasad is an NRI producer with passion. The trailer is very different. Hero Srinivas Sai Ice Expressions are good. The film is so happy to be released in the US. My movie “One Nenokkadine” has performed well in the US. Otherwise my career would have been different. If the content is good, the US audience will be well-received .. The movie is coming with a realistic love story .. Good film never fails. It will definitely be a big hit .. Producers Divya and Ashok Prasad need big success ..

Super Director Surender Reddy said .. 15 years ago, Ashok was in the industry. He went to America and got a job .. He made money by making money. Cinema means madness to him. So he made a good movie, making his friend a director. A good effort was made with the new point. The first time the film was released in the US.

“NR Eyes, our Telugu filmmaker Naveen Erneni, and Anil Sunkara, who have settled in the US, have been successful producers. Like Ashok Prasad, I Want To Succeed .. The trailer of this movie is very good. Releasing in the US on December 6, we have our support. There will be a celebration of film celebrations ..

Hero Srinivas Sai said .. I have not learned where to act. I learned how to give expressions while watching mirrors at Ajay Master Dance Institute. Since then Ajay has been in contact with Gary. I was very exited while listening to the story. We have acted in this movie Natural without makeup. PG Vinda Pictured with amazing visuals. Ashok has nowhere else to compromise the film. The film is guaranteed to be a guarantee.

Director Ajay Manikandhan said that he was born in Kerala, raised in Chennai, come to Hyderabad and made a movie here. I wrote a story in real life called Inspire. Ashok and Divya tell the story. Loved them. I have completed the film without leaving them. Artists and technicians all supported me. All together we have made a good film as genuin …

Producer Ashok Prasad said that Ajay has been working on the story for six years. We are releasing a picture of Madhanam on December 6th. For the first time in Telugu cinema history, we are releasing our film in the US without releasing it in India. After that, we are planning on Telugu Release India .. Kotagiri Chanty Gary Editing, PG Vinda Camera Visuals will be the plus points for this film. This film is made with good quality without going back to the budget.

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