Success With Crying Sentiment!

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The former Prime Minister and JDS chief, Deve Gowda’s family, has been blaming the people for “crying” this time. Let’s see why this originally started crying earlier…

Devegowda has represented the last few decades of the Hasan Lok Sabha seat in Karnataka. The 85-year-old is more likely to be away from live politics, hence the announcement of his big party, Karnataka PWD minister, Rev. Pranavwal Ravana, is contesting. Devegowda tweeted on this issue at a campaign ceremony that began from Moolahlippe in the district of Hansan district. O my constituent people … my grandson Prasavalayana is in your hands and how you look at it. Mannar Praswal, who was next to him, looked at both of them, sitting in the distance a few days, seeing the rest of the others, “padandana ….” The Deve Gowda family launched a seven-month sentiment against the voters.

This is the coincidence that the current Chief Minister, Deve Gowda’s second son, Kumaraswamy had succeeded in the past. Kumaraswamy, the Chief Minister among the dramatic developments in the Karnataka Legislative Assembly last year, has tears in front of the electorate to win him several times in the election campaigns. Even though he was not good at the end of the campaign, he tweeted with tears. How finally did he become the Chief Minister of the state. Now that same quilt is the family, and that is what Sean Yulia Hippe continued in the House. And if this crying sentence is sent to the Lok Sabha.

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