‘Street Light’ In Telugu And Hindi On November 12

'Street Light' to be released worldwide on November 12 in Telugu and Hindi

The movie is produced by renowned producer & distributor Shri Mamidala Srinivas under the banner of Movie Max starring Tanya Desai, Ankit Raj, Kavya Reddy and senior hero Vinod Kumar. “Street Light” has already been released. The trailer, teaser and songs have been well received by the audience. Languages ​​are bringing audiences to theaters. On this occasion Filmmaker Mamidala Srinivas says .. We are releasing this Street Light movie in theaters on November 12 on the occasion of Diwali. The movie came out very well. Most of us are from OTT Offers have come. With the concept of Save Theaters, we are releasing this film in theaters in both Telugu and Hindi for Diwali, not in OTT but in theaters. This movie is a The director has brilliantly screened this film with the events that take place in the dark under the street light at night. Everyone thinks this movie is a whore movie. But this one with all sorts of shades in this movie With a good message through the film, this is a movie that the whole family should watch together. He said that the audience should support our film.

'Street Light' In Telugu And Hindi On November 12 1

Director Vishwa says that the movie “Street Light” which will be released in Telugu and Hindi for Diwali will be released under the banner of Movie Max by renowned producer Mamidala Srinivas simultaneously in Telugu and Hindi.

Built in languages. The Street Light movie is set to release in theaters on November 12 during Diwali.

Innocently showing off the trends in an entertaining way, circulating like good by day and enjoying their crime life in any way with sexual perversions at night Street Light is a film about ‘revenge drama’ about playing with lives and how a young woman seeks revenge for the injustice done to her. Censor members lauded Nandu for creating a diverse film with values. .

Cast: Tanya Desai, Ankit Raj, Senior Hero Vinod Kumar, Movie Srinu, Dhanraj, Shakalaka Shankar, Ishwar, Kavya Reddy, Vaibhav, Konda Babu, Sai Kirtana, Dr. Paramahamsa, Holy Balaji

Starring Nagalingam et al.

Directed by: Vishwa
Producer: Mamidala Srinivas
Cinematography: Ravi C Kumar,
Music: Breaking,
Editor: Shiva Y Prasad,
Art: S Srinivas,
Fights: Nikhil,
Choreography: Paul Master,
Studio: U&I.
PRO: Madhu VR

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