Stabbed For Wearing Shoes.. This is horrible!

furr boots

20 November 2019. Time is 4.30 in the evening. A baby sitter came with two children who look after them, came to Fairmount Presbyterian Church in Cleveland Heights, Ohio.  Suddenlye, Meredith Lowell, 35, an animal activist stabbed her. The baby sitter was still in the hospital, though she escaped from life threat. Why Meredith tried to kill the baby sitter? Just because her slippers are made by animal fur.

Animal activists worry about animals. Many animals are killed for profit as humans use animal products like fur. “What? Does this creation have the right to live alone? Should all living things die for man? Is this justice?” Animal activists say. The man can at least tell his suffering. Animals and birds, as well as dumb animals, must endure human violence. This is why most people who love animal life do not just eat meat for the sake of preserving life, but also use animal wool, fur and leather goods. Not only that, they get angry when others use them. Because when such items are used, what about killing animals for profit? For example, toothpastes are beautiful, so buy them. But for the sake of business – there are some evil people who kill thousands of elephants in the woods. Animal activists think that if we stop using animal products – that violence will stop.

This is why they get mad when they see animals using them. That is why the Fairmount Church was attacked with insanity. The shore – it turned out not to be true animal wool. It just came out as Fake Fur for Beauty on Shoes. Heal yet! The man who was stabbed did not die. Otherwise – ostracism would have been a life!

Meredith, the assassin – in the past there have been cases of attacks on people who used animal products. Animal love is good! But when the love is enough to kill people, the problem comes up!

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