Srikanth Said Cinema Hit!

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Marshall loved the movie and I believe this movie will be a big hit – Marshall said at a pre-release event. Who said that? Someone is not Chinna Chitaka Man .. Our hero Srikanth. What else do you think? Hit the movie, Babu .. What if you do … This movie is a hit!

Abhay and Megha Chaudhary star in the movie ‘Marshall’. Hero Abhay is producing this film under his own banner. The movie is directed by Jai Rajasinghe. The film is all set to release on September 13th. Members of the film unit participated in the pre-release event

Hero Srikanth was speaking on the occasion …

Abhay is happy to make his Telugu debut with this film. I hope he gets a good actor. I am happy to take a step forward with this film, not just the hero. Watching the Marshall movie yesterday, I think this movie is the best of all the recent films.

Hero Abhay says …

Thanks to everyone who came to our Marshall Cinema Pre-Release event. We always need your support. We made the film with all due care. Swamy’s film was produced without compromising anywhere. The movie got grand. I have been supported by Srikanth to perform well. He gave so much freedom on set. The film has all the elements the audience needs. Songs, fights, mother sentiment are all going to be in the movie. The scenes between me and Srikanth are good. Telugu audiences are always very receptive to good film. The movie is going to be liked by everyone as well. With the different concept, I hope the audience will come forward with this upcoming movie.

Director Jayaraj Singh said:

Our hero and producer Abhay agreed to do this as soon as I heard the story. Thanks to Srikanth who did this project for believing in me. We are going to get the audience ahead with a new point. The film is expected to be a hit on September 13.

Tammareddy Bharadwaj said …

Abhay is happy to be introduced to the industry with this film. He is coming up with a new concept with the first film. He said he wants to take another step as an actor in the future.

Speaking of Varikuppala Yadagiri …

Thanks to Abhay for the hero who gave me this opportunity. The songs I wrote in the movie are getting a good response. This movie is going to appeal to the audience.

Music director Ravi Bursur said …

Q. Marshall is the film I confessed after the GF movie. I liked the story and agreed to do the film immediately. The director is coming to the audience with a new story. Producer and hero Abhay makes a success of the film. He said the film was well received.

The heroine Megha Choudhary said …

I think my role in this movie is for all of you. Working with Abhay gave the best memories. Come and see our movie coming out on September 13th. Hero Srikanth was well supported on the sets and thanked him.

Megha Chaudhary,
Rashmi Samang,
Vinod Kumar,
Ravi Prakash,
Priya Scorpion Ram,
Kalpa Walli,
Starring Sudarshan and others
Music for the movie: Yadagiri Varikuppala
Background score: Ravi basuri kejieph Fame
Photographer: Swami R Yam,
Words: Praveen Kumar Botla,
Fights: navel and soap
Editor: Chhota K Prasad,
Songs: Yadagiri Varikuppala,
Art Director: Raghu Kulkarni,
Dance Master: Ganesh
Production Controller: Small Rao Dhawala
Producer: Abhay Adaka

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