Sri Lankan song ‘Menike Mage Hite’ rocking Indians

Sri Lankan song 'Menike Mage Hite' rocking Indians

About 3 months ago a Sinhala song called ‘Menike Mage Hite’ came up on YouTube. Yohani D’Silva – This song sung by Satish – impressed the music lovers immensely. This love song with soft Sinhala words is wonderfully sung in Yohani’s voice. Although most of us do not know Sinhala, the song is most impressive to Indians. The lyrics of the song have some Tamil and some Sanskrit similarities … more importantly, all the words in the song end in vowels instead of puns, which makes this song very beautiful. Hence, imitations of it are now being made in various Indian languages. The songs that are made by mixing this song with their language are also very popular.

Sri Lankan song 'Menike Mage Hite' rocking Indians 1

For example, if the original song Manike Mage Hithe still got 72 million hits … the Bengali version made by Adarsh ​​Roy mixing it got 18 million views. Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam and Hindi versions of the song were also made. Also some flute versions are coming. Among them, the fluteist Rahul ‘Krishnan’ version is very popular. Each video based on the original has received millions of views. It’s been three months since the original – and the parodies and remixes are still flooding in. This shows how much netizens love the song.


Sri Lankan song 'Menike Mage Hite' rocking Indians 2

However, one more thing needs to be said here in particular. In the original Sinhala version of the song – (also in the Bengali version) from beginning to end … we can clearly see the road mic throughout the song. Road Company mics are world-renowned for their audio recordings and music recordings. Despite their high cost, they are said to be second to none in terms of audio quality. In a way – the super hit song ‘Manike Mage Hite’ has given a great deal of publicity to Rod Mikes among Indians. Because, in this song we have to see this road mic logo along with the face of Yohani and Singers from the beginning to the end.
However – all music lovers have to say thank you to the musicians who provided such a good song that is not so easily forgotten.

Bengali version‌

You can see the links to this song here.

The lyrics of this song are also given here for those who want it in English.

Menike Mage Hite
First Nura Hengum Yavi
They are Levi

Nerie Numbe Nage
Magene Tteha Meha Yavi
Sweet Levy

Hita Langama Devatena
Huru pemaka petalena

Ruwanari Manahari
Sukumali Numba Tama

Menike Mage Hite

TAMIL & Another Bengali Version

Hindi Version

Telugu Version

Telugu Kannada

Tamil Version By Original Singer

Flute Version

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