Smita Ananta Sriram Sing For Kaveri

Founders of the Isha Foundation Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev launched the ‘Cauvery Call’ campaign to restore the Cauvery River. As part of the movement over the next 12 years, the Isha Foundation, led by Jaggi Vasudev, has decided to plant 242 crore saplings around rivers in the Kaveri catchment in the states of Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. Political, cinema and sports figures have already supported the movement.

Jaggi Vasudev is backed by a song called ‘Kaveri Pirthu’ to garner support from the Telugu states, which is aimed at bringing livelihood to the river Kaveri and satiating the cropland. Famous songwriter Anantha Sriram has penned the song of famous singer Smitha to create awareness in Telugu states. The song was designed by the founder of the Isha Foundation, Sadguru Jaggi Vasudev, to bring the public into the care of rainwater harvesting by planting trees.

Leading lyricist Anantha Sriram at the event said, “It is easy to say that something must be preserved. It is our responsibility to follow the leader who has shown such a solution.

Sadguru Jaggi Vasudev was the first person who wept tears when he saw the rivers in India. So he called for a grand event called the Rally for River, saying, “Let everybody tighten the waist.” We have successfully made that call to the hearts of the Indians. That call was a phase of action. The thought step was put into practice to restore the Cauvery River. He revealed that the song was made with the intention of helping everyone to contribute to his work.

Also, there are some doubts as to why the Sadguru took the Kaveri River while he was born in Mysore. .. Cauvery flows 805km. The decision was taken with the intention of protecting the Kaveri first and then saving the rest. Also. The decision was made to show that the river has been saved and made a living. Ananta Sriram believes that if we give him our support, we will be better for ourselves. If we save Kaveri, our Godavari Krishna will also take a step to protect it, ”he said. That is why the song ‘Godavari Krishnammala sibling’? Can’t we have a hard day tomorrow? ‘ The stanza is said to have written four lines.

If the trees can be planted in the river basins, the trees will take water and the trees have been planted to protect the river. Anantasreeram said that if we contribute Rs.42 per tree .. they are used for planting and growing the tree and even a beggar can raise a tree in a city like Hyderabad. Ananta Sriram said that the reason why this great event did not go to the Telugu people. Anantha Sriram said that the song could be written but the song is now released with the word ‘Smitha’.

Speaking of singer Smitha ..
After listening to the lyrics, the lyrics, .. This is a wonderful song. He said that Gopi provided music and in a very short period of time he had done magic with spectacular music. However, it is expected to release the song as usual. Hyderabad Isha said that they are well supported. She said that she would give 5 thousand trees for this great event, and my mother said she could not come here. He also announced that Gottipati Satyawani is giving 500 trees on behalf of India.
Gottipati Satyawani, a spiritual woman …The song Kaveri calls Ra. Kaveri is known to be the activity of our day, the name of our India. Due to the fact that the country has become a place of beauty, civilization, spiritual rituals, paradise, and world headings, it is part of Gangecha Yamune chai Godavari Saraswati Narmade Sindhu Kaveri Jalatesmin Adhinam Adhikkum the water. It is our responsibility to protect such rivers so that we can bathe in the water that comes from the holy rivers, ”she said.

In modern times, ignoring nature and trying to conquer nature, wasting water .. Without respecting the water .. If there is a lot of trouble, she said. Similarly, spirituality means reading poems, not chanting hymns, whatever our way of life is given to us by our ancestors. She said that if we protect nature, we will protect ourselves. She said that the reason for the recent rains is human error and that we cannot see good rainfall unless we see floods and cyclones. And Smita is not the only singer. “Smitha has a lot of patriotism and works with social responsibility,” he said. Anantha Shriram Garante said that I like him very much and congratulate him too. The media was also asked to show such things



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