Singer Begging Media Not To Stamp Her “BiPolar”


What the media can do is anything. Anyone can print anybody. It does not know how much good it will do, but it is not a big deal for the media to let the person think that they are like this. What was the reason that Communist leader Narayana had repeatedly reported that he had been eating something a day? Nayarana was found to have grievously grieved now. In the same way Drugs have a tendency to detect the drugs in the case of Tollywood flurry and then give it a great deal of attention. But what is media like this only? That is not. The situation in the country is almost the same. For example, Demi Lovato is an American singer. She is a songwriter and actress. Recently, when she checked her health, doctors said she had bipolar disorder.

Bipolar disorder means mental depression – that is, a depression. People with such disorder are sometimes enthused by enthusiasm, sometimes depressed with depression. This is called a manic episode, and sinking is called a depressive episode. Time in the overcoming manic episode – they feel like they have a lot of energy. More active than usual. Feeling to get immense thoughts. Exaggeration can be done with anything. Risky tasks are performed. You can also think of having sex too much. In the same way, money can be spent without any computation. When again in the mood when in the depressive episode, it is very sad, that everything is lost. Very wary. Feeling disappointed that they have no one. Eat too much to eat. Otherwise the whole thing is stopped. . In this depressive episode, there is another type of X-ray.

In fact, the bipolar disorder was not very risky, but when Demilowowo was told that the doctors had this defect – all the magazines left with the same news. Now the girl caught hold of the fear. This media is very irritating – when people see him, the bipolar disorder may be remembered! That name is always linked with her name – she fears that her career will be permanently damaged and now she is requesting the media. “Please do not associate my illness with me, do not write Demi Lovato ie bipolar disorder.” Bipolar disorder is a minor illness and I do not have bipolar disorder, you do not want to add all my identity to this disease and do not advertise me and do not spoil my career! ” ! Is not it true? What we mean by this is the ant – the media in the world is the same thing in the world. If any one has a thing – if the public is interested in it – whatever the other person’s life is – the media is trying to flip the entrance from it. It’s not just in India but also in the US !

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