Siddhartha’s Movie With ‘Bichagadu’ Director

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Hero Siddhartha, music director cum hero Jeevi Prakash will not sign films if there is something new in the story or if it is believed to entertain the audience. Now that they are doing a movie together, you can understand how special the story is. The name of this latest image is red yellow emerald. In Tamil, Sivappu Manjal is making a patchy name. Shashi is directing the film. Shashi, the director of Beggar’s telephone director, will soon be remembered. He is working on a script after a beggar. Abhishek Films is producing the most gorgeous red-yellow of all their combinations. Ramesh Pillai, who has been a financier for many successful films in Tamil and has given hits in Telugu such as Sivalingam and ‘Bluffmaster’ in Telugu, is producing ‘Red Yellow Green’.

Producer Ramesh Pillai has revealed the latest features of the red-yellow green … an emotional war between a traffic inspector and a bike racer. Designed as a family drama with good emotion. Filming is complete. We have also done the editing and dubbing. We are doing the rest of the work fast. It will be released in Tamil as well as Telugu and Hindi in the first half of September. This is not a story confined to any one language. Everyone is connected. Universal Subject. Everyone who has seen it will surely enjoy the newness. I have a hat trick in Telugu.

Director of ‘Fame Shashi’ says that in my last film, ‘Beghagadu’, I have gained a good reputation not only in Tamil Nadu but also among the Telugu people. The concept was so popular. If a movie comes from me after beggars … I know what the audience can expect. That is why I prepared the story in the eyes of all of them. Our heroes Siddhartha and Jeevi Prakash have told the story together after making the story. They liked it and got it. In the first half of next month we will bring the audience. It is the subject of good emotions. Everyone says it is a mobile phone.

Starring :
Siddhartha, Jeevi Prakash, Kashmir Foreigner, Lizimol Jose, Deepa Ramanism, Madhusudana, Premkumar, Yashwant etc.

Technicians :
Producer: Ramesh Pillai
Story, Screenplay, Direction: Shashi
Photography: Prasanna Kumar
Music: Siddhukumar
Editor: Sana Lokesh
Art: SS Murthy
Stunt: Shakti Saravanan

You can see one of the heroines Kashmira Paradesi here.

You can see another heroine Lijo Mol Jose here.

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