Shouldn’t A Telugu Person Use Telangana Language?

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In Ismart Shankar, Puri tried to make Jagannath – Ram Character as Pak Telangana Character. Don’t talk about cinema quality, mass commercial tricks in cinema. Just .. let’s talk about language.

After seeing the language in the film – ‘How did Puri Jagannath, a Narsipatnam batch of Visakhapatnam district, write the language of Telangana?’ Many wondered. Puri said this was possible because he had a lot of Telangana friends. Many Telangana brothers also appreciate Puri’s efforts. But some Telangana heroes are flocking to Puri. The same peculiarity!

What if?
These linguists do not care about the quality of the film or the mass spice. But all their objections – about the Telangana language used in the movie Puri! There are mistakes in the Telangana language used by Puri. It is not the original Telangana language. Original urban Telangana language ‘Mallesham’. Telangana is the village language ‘Dorasani’. Sadly I do not watch these movies. Unaware of this – he wrote the character of Hyderabadi Telangana for his character. Some of the major Telangana websites have revealed that he is a bigot.

Our language is ours only!
Telangana language culture is a good thing. But the narrowness with which non-Telangans should be used is evident in these comments. Anytime you want to develop a language – you need to encourage all four to speak it. Even if there are mistakes or confessions … some attempt to correct it. Only then do they speak that language with more confidence. Language is popular. And because others speak wrong … … we only speak our language … If anyone sits in their mouths and covers – no language will ever come up.

On the way to Hindi!
Telangana language has been criticized. If the pony is learning hard – joking and insulting is a new trend now … This is a deadly thing. Hindi people are also seen to behave similarly. For the Telugu people – for the non-Hindi people – there is no priority in Parliament. Hindi – Literary in terms of history is very low level language compared to Southern languages. But because it is mandatory – if you learn it hard – a little bit of it, they are not discouraged. That is why Hindi is still a long-standing language in South India, despite the number of Hindi campaigns. Hindi is not recognized in southern states like Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and Kerala except in areas like Telangana where the mother tongue is not preferred. Hindi remains an unnecessary weight in the education system.

“To think that our language is a great language, a great slang … may be an indicator of self-esteem. But our language belongs to us. No one should learn it, but if one learns – one must speak without any real misunderstanding.” If the English world were like this and smiled at the world – English would not be as popular today. Those who err on the side of Telangana slang written by Puri should remember this.

Can’t appreciate that?
In fact, Telangana should congratulate Puri Jagannath. Mistakes can be corrected, but the language is entirely our own – hiding it in our own bin – is just sitting down. If you see such criticism – Telangana slang and language is not popular nowadays. Even if such short-sighted ventures come into the mainstream of the masses, the language – Telangana language will get more respect.

Why Confusion?
It is painful to see such a dichotomy in some critics of Telangana. Why Telangana language is put to villains and comedians? – Those who once made mistakes – Now the heroine of Telangana language is criticized another way. We should be glad that the language is recognized – the wrong ones are crooked. Telangana cinema commercially not growing up one side is suffering. Telangana base with a commercial hit – this is how. Should others respect their language? Ignore? Learn? Nercukokudada? Speak Great If You Learn? Do not others speak their language? Who are the others? – A puzzling tendency in such matters is seen in the Telangana film critics and language critics. It seems that this confusion is so far away from the people of Telangana.

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