Should Say ‘Aha’ To ‘Metro Kathalu’

OTT Entertainment is a must have, for any Affiliate, promoting any program. Okay. There is no platform for the cine crowd to say aha oho. So now everyone is focusing on what is coming in the OTTs. They are promoting a web series similar to the movie. Just as movie posters and first looks were released in the past – now the web series’ promotional content is also being brought into focus. What does sin do? Corona if you go out .. Do you sit at home? Under these circumstances OTTs have now become entertainment venues. Is there no other way?

Although it came out a while back – the ‘Aha’ platform impressed the Telugu people. However it is not strange. Support for it, backbone and the like. OTTE is now a prop for anyone to shift from the film business. Like Netflix and Amazon, in the midst of it all, giving content to Telugu people without making Telugu a dream come true is a commendable point in Aaha.

Engaging the entire Telugu audience with Telugu Entertainment, Aaha is now ready with another original ‘Metro Kathilu’. These ‘metro stories’ are coming under the direction of Karuna Kumar, who is known for his film ‘Palasa 1978’. Based on the four stories in the book ‘Metro Kathalu’ written by Telugu author Kadir Babu, the original ‘Metro Kathhailu’ is an anthology of four couples in the city of Hyderabad.

The original ‘Aaha’ will air on August 14 on the occasion of Independence Day. The Anthology First Glimps poster was released by renowned director Harish Shankar.

Starring Ali Raja, Saina, Nandini Roy, Ram Madhukuri, Thiruveer, Nakshatra, Rajiv Kankala and Gayatri Bhargavi. Music: Ajay Arshad, Producers: Kiran Reddy Mandadi, Additional Dialogues, Screenplay, Direction: Karuna Kumar.
All in all a deadly corona season – I don’t know what the rules are for shooting though .. It’s amazing how a web series like this can come to life. Some fun!

Now Telugu TV channel has started. Must watch video. Subscribe to Teluguvadu TV.


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