Should Jagan Utilize Chandrababu’s Experience?

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Chandrababu’s latest criticism of the government – “No experience in administration. Let’s talk about these two things here.

Politics, no matter any field – no one has experience in the beginning. If there is no experience, there is always a new generation in the world. There is no need for new people. So – you have to embrace new leaders who have no experience. Chandrababu should remember this.

Does Jagan actually have experience? He was in office yesterday. But he has been watching politics ever since. That is why – so far, no chief minister has been able to show his speed in the first week. Is it true that the people were surprised by the speed of Jagan’s decisions upon arrival? “Ah! What do we know for a long time for this guy? Well, it’s time to get a grip on governance, but alas! So to criticize Jagan’s inexperience is pointless!

Suppose the pics experience is inadequate in some respects. But is that learning wit pics? If not – if the experience is learned, why should it be learned by Chandrababu? Why listen to him?

If you think the experience is more important to the actual leader … then there are a few questions. Chandrababu is a veteran. But did the actual Chandrababu experience benefit the state? Was he helpful? If people were really using his experience for the state why did they beat him so badly? – will have to go into questions.

Experience is not just intellectual and intellectual display, but it is also a characteristic of a leader who is able to move forward in the face of any decision or misfortune. It is obvious that this feature is more in the pics than in Chandrababu. The observers think that Chandrababu is not capable of making political plans but he has the courage to show his courage when the problem arises. Fear of a note-to-case case, and the loss of joint capital rights – is just one example.

Chandrababu may have been the ruler of the past. But it is the pinnacle of arrogance to think that only the people can do us justice and that our party has the power to rule. It is not democratic to expect their matte to pay in the absence of administration. Jagan gave the people power. Let him rule. Just telling the administration how it should be, dictating what it should be – seems to be a sign of serious overreliance. When in government, directly and indirectly – how they want to govern themselves, it must be considered a mental disorder.

To rely on Chandrababu for the pics experience is not an impossible task. Because – after seeing how people defeated Chandrababu – it is natural that Jagan thinks his experience will be of little use to him. That is why he disregards Mattel – he must go with his style. Chandrababu should also look at his defeat – and let Jagan in his new policy. When he shows that maturity, his experience has a meaning.

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