Short But Ascent..

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The youngest woman in the world used to vote on Thursday. Your turn came and called everyone to be eligible to vote. In the Nagpur parliamentary constituency, she has used her voting number in the polling booth number 253. Just two-feet high, three-year-old Jyothi Aghgeti came together with his family to the polling station. As the parents lowered her on the table, the polling personnel registered the details and provided special arrangements for the use of the vote. The polling staff provided a stool as she did not get enough to cast her in the voting chamber. The polling staff were dull for a long time in the world as the youngest woman in the world. Sibmain praised the possibility of applying the right of constitution to the polling center, despite some difficulties. He took the oath of responsibility and went on to call the people who did not vote for you immediately to the polling station.

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