Shift In 6 Steps… Amaravati Finish!

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It is the policy of politicians to make what they do public beforehand and then implement it. You have to be very smart to do this. It is this ability to make everyone love what we love – and fulfill our desire.

For example – it looks like Jagan’s intention is to change capital. It is well known that everything in Amravati is flawed, where the image of Chandrababu is tied to the capital and all these factors will definitely trigger the YCP. But to implement the idea of relocating the capital, which is tied to tens of millions, is not easy. Many Majlis will cross over and plan ahead. Perhaps this is the order of steps that Jagan will follow in carrying out this mission of capital change. This is only a diagnostic assessment!

Step One… leaving the fillers first

Now we see… all the people like Minister Botha come and change the capital… to make the impression that – the people come forward. Meanwhile, someone like Kodali Nani came forward and said, “Shall we tell you to convert the capital .. Who said .. No one can conform.. Only if the manipulation in Amravati … Some say that. After speaking with a little skepticism, there is a psychological stage of change in people. The first step is to make the task easier.

Step Two … Why one place?
Why the original one-off capital? Is it possible that all of the actual concentration was done in one place? All we have to do is to leave the all-enlarged Hyderabad and return to the orphanage? There is some discussion in the media on the basis of the feeling of…

Step Three .. obvious corruption presentation
… The corruption of Chandrababu in Amravati there is some stage at this stage. There is also a good plan for what comes next. Here is the process of proving to the people that the old capital was absolutely deadly.

Step Four
Anything else is acceptable to the capital – trying to get it directly from the public. Now, capital change means that the Amaravathiis have come forward and said, “We are the capital. How can we take capital from here?” Obviously, they will fight. It is natural to use pro-Chandrababu media because of the increasing unpopularity of the government. However, when we say that there is a possibility of capital elsewhere.
For example – say, “Visakha, Vijayawada, Tirupati and Kurnool are some of these areas being the capital and the main areas of the state.” The local people in the area are also happy, like the people of Amravati. It is natural to expect and rejoice in the growth of their land rates, their assets, and their development. There is a kind of rupture in people. “What? Did you write that Amravati was the only capital for them? Madi Andhra Pradesh … Makkuda needs to be developed”. In a way, the degradation of the populace again and again creates a positive atmosphere and sets the stage for the evacuation of capital. Already some have heard the demand for Visakhani state to be the financial capital.Step Five
Putting committees, these committees put all the flaws in Amaravati’s construction, and then – how much money is being saved in Amravati, how are we moving to the development of the area … Where are we moving capital cities?This fifth stage, however, comes with some trouble. What’s more, make our region the capital .. do ours too. There are some plans to deal with. Maybe even prepare the sector from scratch. This is a good or a bad thing … there are debates. By that time, there was almost a clear opinion from the public. If you can make people feel that they are doing everything to take that view, then everything is acceptable! At that stage the capital is being developed here and some names and details are being put before the public.The final stage is the sixth stage …
In some major places, where they think they are good, where they feel good, they are slowly gaining more importance .. If possible … It is important to note here – that people are not, unless they are publicly embarked on – but they do not dream. That’s right.
Considering the pivotal decisions taken by the pics – they must have realized that another Amaravati was gone. But people who are not politically sensitive are still at stake. There is an unnecessary debate in Amravati whether the capital should be .. This may be the case at the public level, but Telugu Desam clearly knows … capital change is guaranteed. All of the key feet have already fallen. That’s why they’re reacting wild.

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