She put Trump in Recycle Bin !


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Do not misunderstand the trump, the straw. This is the name of the President of the United States. So you could be so mistaken. But here we are talking about Twitter which is a pivotal logo. If he is the president of the United States – he is the world’s most respected person with the respect of many countries. But recently, an employee working on Twitter has been aborted by the value of the US president. This incident has also become viral on the Internet. That worker was the last working day on Twitter! Trumpdary has deleted a Twitter account – a mistake that does not go. The Trump Official Twitter account is named realDonaldTrump. Millions of followers of the US president are in a position to look at the same account. Goal gol. The Twitter ownership has been restored in eleven minutes, and the Trump account is restored. It is a humanoid (human error). Those who love the Trump are angry – “Do you let the US president’s account be dismissed and how much neglect!” Most people have joked over the issue. The whole thing is that the boyfriend is a little girl crazy and the truth is Twitter worker. It is a good comedy point to leave the job and delete the most important account on the last day. You can see below the jokes that are viral on the internet.



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