She Made A “Hit” Celebrity!

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No man is under his control when drunk. Something is working. Uncontrollable, abhorrent, vulgar … it is possible. Of course, this is not a big problem when it is done by ordinary people, but if celebrities do the same thing – it will be a big fuss.

There is a celebrity called Amber Rose Tyson. She recently became a nanny in the midnight Hollywood. She got out of the Mercedes-Benz car at 2pm – annoyed by cars blocking her way. It was very annoying that the original was drunk. He was struck by the car with his car on the spot. The people have been spanked. The car was put back in reverse gear and came back to the front … repeatedly hitting the car. All the people around were terrified. Now this has become a big case.

Who is this Amber Rose Tyson? Large means not too big stare. In the meantime, Hollywood has seen not only movie stars but also Instagram models. Because if you want to go into a movie … to star in a TV serial – Instagram has become a platform and a channel. Finally our celebrities are also posting on Instagram to focus on themselves and show the talent and all four. Amber Rose is the model she grew up with. Amber Rose Tyson is 24 years old. Unaware of how long it has been known so far, it has been a total disruption to the public – and all US cameras are “everyone?” Soon she turned to him. Will this negative campaign be a plus or minus for her …. wait and see!

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