‘Sharabha’..A New Turn In My life : Jayaprada


Aakash Kumar and Misty Chakravarthi are the lead pair of the senior actress Jayaprada in the lead role “Sharabha”. Directed by Ashwani Kumar Sahdev ennarasinharavu built ekees Entertainment banner. The film will be released on November 22. Preseat held at Prasad Labs in Hyderabad. R. Narayana Murthy released the video and the trailer was released by Jayaprada, prominent producer Chalathavada Srinivasa Rao.

Director Narasimha Rao said, “The film has taken several days of release and is also released on November 22. I am happy to be released on November 22rd. The foundation given by my teacher Narayan Murthy has brought me far away. I have done this with the experience of 20 years of work at the great directors like Bhimaneni Srinivasa Rao, Baleshekhar and Shankar. Thanks to Ashwani Kumar who gave this Chance. Aacadu was very hard to grow. Misty did very well. No matter how much you say about the Mahatani like Jayaprada. You can see how amazing she is. She was very happy when she agreed. Thank you for her. Koti, Ram Laxman, Chandi Garu etc. Thank you for the namesake name. Thanks to Narayanan Murthy for the sake of Chalathavada Srinivasa Rao. ”

Producer Ashwani Kumar Sahdev said, “The film is made with a cinematic Efert and we are happy to release Jayaprada on November 22. We hope the audience will appreciate this film.”

Hero Aakash Kumar said “Happy is the entry of the hero with this good movie. I worked very hard for this film. I hope the audience will bless it. ”

“This is a special moment for all of us and I am very grateful to all the audience and thanks to the director and director of this film, I am very happy to be part of this film. Such films are very difficult without cooperation Thanks to all.

“I was born in the film industry,” said Jayalakshmi Gary, “I have seen the film Seetararam in the days when I see a ticket in the stage where there is nothing in Tenali. There is no such beautiful lady in the world. I told my friends that I should make a film with my birthday. This word is not mentioned by Jayaprada. As I mentioned, I made the first film with her. Great artist Jayaprada who has starred in many hit films. I hope that this film, which she played, will be a good success. The producer spent a lot of money. The trailer seems to be good openings coming soon. I hope to succeed in calling it to Success Meet after release. ”

Shankar is the director of the film Narasimha Rao, who is the director of the movie, “2.O” Graphics has been delayed due to delay in graphics. He has worked on three films at all Uvvu went like? Try to go out. Recently, I saw the movie. The movie took great. The story, believing that the director of this film made Rs 20 crore prodyusarku hyatsap box.
Jayaprada’s character is beautiful. Jayaprada is my oldest daughter in my college days. Only Rambha, Urvashi, and Maan names. There are those who are beautiful on earth. This word is not Neno Miro but the Great Director Satyajitra is the word. Jayaprada is the only heroine who has succeeded in Telugu and has succeeded in North. Her actress, great politician She does not know age. Then how is it now? The villain character along with the hero is also heroic. All the items are awesome. I believe that the film will play well. ‘Bahubali’ wants to play as a brother and Narsimha wants to become a great director as Shankar’s disciple. The movie is the successor of any movie. Aakash gets the name of the film with this movie.

Jayaprada said, “I came to the industry at the age of not knowing that the Telugu industry has never done me and I can never make this loan again and I want God to create me as a Telugu child again, as Ashwani Kumar is the producer of the industry, but the big businessman can be Maharaja in Dubai, but in the Telugu industry Hero My hatsup to my director Narasimha, who made a huge movie like Sarabha with the sensitive Akkari and the songs, fights, and mystery heroine Misty Chakravarti is a sweet kiss in Bengali and this sweet mystery is also sweet. She laughed and all the tenses could be forgotten, with the huge graphics that is this Our mother is the son of the director’s talent imadcatam evidence of emotion. You cusuntaru Amazon. Author Arundhati cusuntaru. Shaft

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