Shakalaka Sankar.. Not One.. 2+1

Directed by Suresh Kondetti and Edvelli Venkat Reddy, '2 + 1' is being directed by Kachidi Gopal Reddy as Shankar's hero

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If the big heroes get too big and the small heroes get bigger? Shakalaka Shankar is doing a double hero for one character. The title said 2 + 1. Not three? There shouldn’t be. Heroines are two?

Shankar’s pasteurizing Gopal Reddy S. .K. Pictures and Shape Creations jointly co-produced by Suresh Kondetti and Edavalli Venkat Reddy is releasing the Motion Poster on the 6th of Sunday (tomorrow) on the occasion of the birth of Suresh Kondetti, the head of Dussehra and popular producer Santosham.
On this occasion, filmmakers Kachidi Gopal Reddy said: – Shankar, with two different characters, will be a highlight of the film, especially with the class character and the student in touch with the character, which will appeal to all classes of audiences. Shankar played two other variants in the film along with two other memorable characters. The finding of a hero in my first film as a director Shankar, pratistatmakamaina S .K. “I am fortunate to have a chance to become a director,” says Suresh Kondetti, the new production company of Pictures Company.

As well as the new construction company Kruth Creations is happy to collaborate with Edvelli Venkat Reddy. KONDETI producer Suresh said, “Shankar Shambo Shankara again after four excellent songs heavily His performance, along with the five action eposods nirmitamautunna ambitious film with comedy funny. Come to the theater director Gopal Reddy percent ayyevidanga nurusatam satisphyaksan good films, was to prove that the law tircididdutunnarubhavisyattu Tadani nammakamundi me, “he said.

Another producer, Edvelli Venkat Reddy, said, “I feel lucky to be making a film with Suresh Kondetti. Everyone is happy with a team work. Chitrakirim. With this Ttam shooting will be completed, “he said.

Shankar, Rubika and Aksakhan are the heroines of the film. Story, Screenplay, Direction: Kachidi Gopal Reddy Producers: Suresh Kondetti, Edvelli Venkat Reddy, DOP: Motam Satish, Music: Harigoura, Editor: Nandamuri Hari, Dialogues: Patel Nandurka, Lyrics: Suresh Upadhyay, Director , Co Director: Nagendra Odissa, Chip Associate: Kokku Narasimha Rao Costume Designer: Aluri Neeraja, Choreographer: Raju Paida, Fights: Prithvi, Production Controller: Rammohan Alluri.


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