Seven Year Old Film … Gets Success?


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The film ‘Bhagyanagaram’ is on October 5th. If not, it is not Hyderabad. Bangalore. This is a dubbing version of the movie ‘Capital’ in Kannada. Kannada hero Yash is the hero of this movie. The producer Santosh Kumar will be releasing on the 5th of October at the Santosh Entertainments banner, titled ‘Bhagyanagaram’. ‘Bindas’ fame Sheena Shahabadi is the heroine of this film.

This film is from 2011. Even though Yashi brought good name. Entertainment and Entertainment is a good news. Now Kannada hero Yash has acted in ‘KJF’. The two are going to be released by the Telugu filmmakers, who are known as Rising Star in Kannada.

Sad to be a small producer .. Before doing some dubbing movie and making a direct movie! Okay. What’s the old cinema Is not it a cinematic movie? Let’s see how it looks!

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