Senior Bellamkonda Happy with ‘Son Stroke’

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Birth of a father is not born when a son is born .. ” Produceru son is not born when the birth of a son. The hero’s father and producer Bellamkonda Suresh is interviewing about the tsunami movie hit. This is called a hit. We don’t know if this is all for the sake of promotion or otherwise … Bellamkonda happiness is just one dose.

” Alludu Shenu ‘.. Then many heroes got a share of Rs 34 crore. Bellanconda Srinivas was introduced as the hero by VV Vinayak Direction with this film which has a grandier and commercial value. Also, ‘Jayajanaki Nayaka’, directed by Boyapati Srinu, has been made into a huge cast and budget. They have made a name for the director and other casting. However, ‘Rakshasudu’ is a very good name for our boy Bellamkonda Sai Srinivas. The film has become a super duper hit, ”said producer Bellamkonda Suresh.

Young and energetic hero Bellamkonda Sai Srinivas is the heroine of ‘Ride’ and ‘Veera’. Abhishek Nama on Abhishek Pictures banner, the film was released worldwide on August 2. The film is running successfully with a super hit talk. Speaking on the occasion, Bellamkonda Suresh, father of hero Bellamkonda Sai Srinivas, said, “I am 21 years old, starting a career as a producer. I have presented 25 Straight films and 8 dubbed films to the audience. None of this made me happy. The six films made by our boy .. It has been shown to be successful, especially in overseas. Saturday was 85 percent occupancy, and Sunday was 100 percent occupancy. My thanks to Koneru Satyanarayana for this occasion. It’s hard to remake these days. Ramesh Verma has done the movie wonderfully without making any changes to the Telugu audience. The tempo was nowhere to be missed. Hatsoff to cameramen Venkat. Srinivas is very handsome. The film is about our boy forgetting his past. Bellamkonda Srinivasde is the number one hero in the South in Hindi and YouTube. Speedunnodu crossed 200 million. Jayananakinayaka is running beyond 140 million. The armor film has crossed 120 million. Even son-in-law Telecast has reached 100 million views. Srinivasa is a hero who has made films in the South that exceeded 400 million and two to two million. In Hindi, Satellite is the biggest popularity of our films.
When it comes to Rakshasudu, Koneru Satyanarayana and Abhishek Pictures have released the film Abhishek Namagar. Ramesh Verma has released the movie. Especially in overseas 100 screens. Then the audience in the movie Sambayya how did the crowd please me .. Now our boy. Collections on Monday are awesome. From this movie, I decided to give our boy a journalist association Rs 10 lakh for each film.

The Bollywood-based production company has sent us a letter saying that we will make a film with our boy and we will come to Hyderabad to meet him. We feel great about the opportunity coming from such a great company. Srinivas is also doing a movie under the Dilraju banner. Next year I am going to do a movie with our boy too. Also I would like to remake a successful film in Telugu to become a producer myself. I’m very happy to have given it a big hit like ‘Monster’. I’ve been waiting for such good success for five years. Our ‘Rakshasudu’ has brought profits to the producers and buyers of the film.

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