Secrets Behind Lagadapati’s Survey

Once the Lagadapati survey – the people were very confident. Now, if you look at the luggage surveys – the whole road leads to the road … Only a single Telangana can not be put aside due to fault. But recent surveys of recent surveys of luggage surveys have a significant difference. That’s what all the old surveys have done without any bias and the results that are present are now making a horn to a party! The statistics is close to the original results, and there is a credibility for the Lagarde. But what is the purpose of the credibility? Let’s change it to benefit us – what he thinks … AP is that the entire VCP is there – that Lagadapati is going to be the same for Tamil Nadu. WTH! What is he in the account? Some people believe that they believe it! But most suspect is that he says that the survey results in favor of Chandrababu in lankholls. In any case, no matter how the survey – Rapo Mopo comes out of the truth. Some of the reasons are temporary – something that has been tempered by temporarily. To dare people in the party 2. To prevent jumping from other parties 3. All the more importantly, if Modi gets a seat in the center of the seat to get the opposition parties … Yes. If you think that you will lose in your own state – who is there in the center with Chandrababu? – Some people suspect that the Chandrababu Supporting Media has given priority to the LAG.

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