“Secret” Behind Low Budget Movies Get Theaters?

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We have been watching Tollywood for some time by the producers that the theaters are not available for small budget films. But it’s just a little true .. It’s not true. A great movie with good content but it’s all over and over in the theaters. The secret of finding small theaters is the secret that the producers of ‘secret’ are making a promotion of Variety. The film is being released in 80 to 100 theaters in this unzip. That’s it!

Some of the producers say that the theories are for them to find the logistics. Promoting political and film personalities such as Rosaiah, Vinayak, and the possibility of making the film in the film without a cinema season is possible. The content of the movie is that the theaters are Doraiyai – another statement.

Sir! Nirmatagaru! Your logics are not perfect. Enti? Are there only theaters available for content? Many good movies do not eat theaters or hurts? Enti? Promote by prominent people? What do you mean? Can all small producers take refuge? If you do not resort to celebrities – you are confirming that the theaters are not available for their movie? If you plan to do it – you do not have a problem with the theater. What? Films say that the films do not get released but the season is not available because the movie is not released. Pechorin? What? – You are indirectly advising small producers to release in big-time dry times. What is that Does it really mean that small movies can be seen in Times and other important occasions like Sankranthi, really demanding and competing? Does it mean that big movies should not be difficult? Important seasons left for all major films – at times such as no specialty – the theaters are releasing small films when they fly. Good advice to you. Sir! Small producers! Hear?

There is nothing wrong with promoting someone else’s film. We do not understand that theater is a worthy movie. However, it is not as much as a film that has been released in many theaters. Thousands of theaters have been released in big theaters. Okay. Are the content great? Let’s see! How great is their content! How many theaters will play successfully! Best of luck!

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