‘Satyameva Jayathe 1948’ Begins!

‘Satyameva Jayathe-1948’ is produced by EMS Babur directed by MVM Creations and is produced in all Indian and major international languages, shooting in Lee Palace, Secunderabad.
Sumitra Gandhi (Abdul Ghaffar Khan), Imtiaz (Nehru) Sharad Dadbhavala (Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel), Athirya (heroine), Raghunandan (Gandhi), Arya Vardhan Raju (Godse), Naginedu (Investigation Officer), Jenny (Mohammed Ali Jinnah) P. Srinivas, (Abul Kalam Azad), Shravan, Yogesh and others are playing important roles. P Jayethindrakumar’s camera switched on to the scene of the movie. An dadbhavala Clapper. Nagergeuda has directed a leading role in the film.
The film will be screened in the aftermath of the murder of Mahatma Gandhi 45 days before the murder of the murdered and the film is aimed at exposing the hidden facts of the controversy in the film, producer M.Maharshi said. 11,372 page research papers, over 350 books, 750 interviews for interviews, 96 characters, 114 scenes, more than 500 prospects, more than 370 costumes, more than 500 junior artists, 47 locations. Dr. Aryivardhan Raj said in the 9 schedules, with high standards and national and international languages.
Screenplay: Lakshminarayana, Camera: Story-Screenplay – Dialogues: Dr. Aryavardhan Raju, Music: ‘Rose’ Fame Shashi Preetham, producer: MY ..Maharshi, directed by: Ishwar Babu.D !!

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