Satyajit Ray C/O Kancharapalem


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‘C/o Kancharapayam’ … the name of the movie does not mean what’s going on. No matter what the movie is, there is no one aware of what’s in the film, no idea. There is no chance of knowing who is in this. Because the artwork instead of the photos … Sketches have been edited with drawings. What else do you do There is no single artist in the film All new artists are okay! To be sure to go to the film – to have an idea about this film – the people know that – just the amusing team promoting it!

C/o Bahubali … first address!

Rana’s presentation is … Rajamouloumo .. “I thought for a long time about these characters after watching this movie”! Keeravani – “The characters in this movie have come to know that there is everywhere and they want to go with Selphi.”

That’s it! There are no advertisements for this movie. No promotions. “Large directors and actors – it’s normal to say something like this to promote small films! It’s also something like that. Okay. Let’s go and watch this movie! “Some viewers think. What is the situation for the audience that went on? This is what it says.

Is this a cinema?

There is nothing to see the viewer in the theater. The director does not even know what to say. There is no big sound anywhere. There is no thrill. There is no great background music. Hero entry does not exist. The original hero is someone who does not come up with anyone’s story. There will be a similar situation for about twenty minutes. Twenty minutes is enough to figure out what the movie looks like. Those who are familiar with normal commercial movies have not even been able to get out of the seat in the first half of the year. Will this movie be a hit? Will the hit movie be a great movie? Kagalugutundi. The same thing! This is a great movie. Good movie. In Telugu – Great Cinema!

Like this? Yeahdy Driver?

As time passes, slowly the trend of características, movie trends. What a character is what it is. We’ll fall in the story for a fortnight. The cinematic age of interval time comes almost to an understanding. The question of what is being done is the mind, if the answer fails – holds the audience. The seminar will be held in theater with interest. When the climax arrives – the director’s intention is to know. The answer to that question is answered. The level of this film is understood. It is then clear that you have seen an award movie. Shankarabharanam is the first block of the day, and it’s a black buster – what a wonder! Feeling. Hats Off to The Director!

Is Satyajitra in a cage?

In a single line – no one can imagine if you see this movie and feel a bit awesome! Who needs to get that feel to himself! Moreover, something is still read reviews now, and the trailers do not go to increase or decrease the expectations. Go with Blank Mind. Come back with good feeling. It’s a very natural movie! The film with the most natural characters! If we have to say in our jurisdiction with our regular cinema knowledge – that is not the case. Satyajit Ray Like a movie in Bengali Otherwise, any Malayalam film director has made a film in Malayalam of Chance in Telugu? – This Doubt is coming!

Such an adventure before Telugu People?

Director ‘Maha’ is definitely a complimentary To congratulate his directorial talent. No more than anything else for the sake of convincing the audience to persuade the audience to make a similar film! It is a great achievement to make such a adventure in front of a Telugu audience who is interested in speed and is less patient with patience!

Who has acted, Really?

Cinema Review means acting about actors. Write. But there is nothing to tell about the roles of actors in the original. None of them originally played. They are characters. They are actors. Acting is not visible anywhere. Everyone is naturally portrayed by young children. Sorry … naturally. Pony guys have worked well and they say that they are well-played – there are no actors who know the truth in it.

Too much Breaks…

Each movie – a character in it, gives the name of the cast. Many of the films that have been recognized at the same time are only a few in history. Dasari Narayana Rao’s films were all new ones. Paradise-hell, Brahmamudi – These films have provided a Mohan Babu and one Rajani (heroine) to Telugu. Remember the movie ‘Shiva’ which came out of the past. There are many people that we have never seen before. But after that film, we remember many of them by the name of Shiva Naresh, Shiva Ganesh, Shiva Chinna – The film can be compared to ‘Shiva’. But there are still some actors like Nagarjuna and Murali Mohan who know the name of the people for that. There is no one in this movie. After the movie is finished – the titles are scratch – who do not walk away from the theater – who plays the role of which character? What’s your name – Learning – The original award for the film’s great success and the nature of the actors!

Do not read reviews, please!

The last thing about ‘karaif kancharapalem’ is the last one! – Go to the movie without reading any reviews. Get a natural feeling. Because this movie is really a great experiment, it is amazing among ordinary commercial films. All those who feel great in that miracle – do not know how to thrill and share that feeling – what is it? A good feeling to feel good about you. So go to the film without any excitement. See yourself feel yourself. Are big big dialogues and cute gowns and attractive faces? Do not go to this movie. Can you see a film that looks like a movie rather than a movie? Go immediately and see!

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