Satisfaction As An Actor And Director With The 1997 Film

Satisfied as an actor and director with The 1997 Film: Hero, Director Dr. Mohan!

Starring Dr. Mohan, Naveen Chandra, Srikanth Iyengar and Koti in the lead roles, Dr. Mohan self-directed 1997 film under the banner of Ishwara Parvati Movies. Srikanth Iyengar, who played a different role as a corrupt police officer in the film, was interviewed by the media on the occasion of the release of the film …

Q: Tell us about the 1997 movie?

This is a suspense thriller story. The story is set in the context of events taking place in today’s society. This includes the mental anguish she feels after raping a girl, especially the emotion she feels for her mother. A girl is killed after being raped. Why? The reason for raping a girl is lust. There are so many ways to meet that comma. Then why are girls being raped. It’s an attempt to tell the story of an innocent girl who is strong in Dora’s arrogance. But people of lower caste are not allowed to come into the house or temple but will it work to have sex with her? The film is about the untouchability that is not here and why it is not there.

Q: So this story happened in 1997?

Not the story of 1997. The story I heard at the time, I went to Hyderabad Public School, was the story our grandfather told us when we went home for the holidays. That story has remained so in my mind ever since. I made the film with the intention of unveiling that story on screen. It is an attempt to tell people about such incidents.

Q: How did the original film get on the sets?

I wrote this story when I came up with the idea. After that the actor creature met me as a friend of mine and after hearing the story he also said it was great. And we started to do it ourselves with the idea that meeting the producers on the idea of ​​how to bring this to the screen was not all that much of a workout. I also asked other directors about directing. But I directed myself to tell myself that this was not the case as I was trying to tell the story in a different way.

Q: What is your attempt to say about such incidents?

Similar incidents continue to occur in the meantime. Want to rape a girl to satisfy lust? There are many ways to satisfy a desire. The film is set against the backdrop of sexual assaults on minorities. However, this movie is not so bad. The movie goes on to be very cool. The scenes also feel very natural.

Q: How is the censor report?

The censor appreciated them. Very good. Said to have picked a good point. He said that if there were women members there would be tears.

Q: Didn’t it seem risky to do the first film as an actor, director and producer?

When I thought of this story, I was determined to risk it for the story to appear on the screen anyway. Truth be told I had no choice but to do it myself.

Q: Tell us about your character?

In it I appear to be a police officer who just passed IPS pass. Police trying to stop these incidents happening in the villages. There are different types of shades called.

Q: It’s hard to tell a story like this as a commercial .. but now the audience will not watch unless there is a commercial? And how is it set up?

We have tried to say this in the commercial way as well. Now if this story is not told the audience will be bored. So .. we tried to show it in commercial terms. However, it does not include item song or girl exposing.

Q: What about Coty Music?

I was very familiar with Kotigarante from the beginning. He said the story was very good when he heard it. After that you are doing the movie for the first time so the movie hand will do it when the first copy arrives. After watching the movie Mohan said that I am doing music for this movie very great. He is the main attraction of the R&R movie. Also what a song Manglu sang for life. It was a pleasure to go up to 8 million views.

Q: What about Naveen Chandra and Srikanth Iyengar?

In it Naveen Chandra appears as my superior. Naveen Chandra has nothing to say about acting. Did wonderfully. Srikanth Iyengar got a good craze as an actor. He can be cast in any role. So in this he joined as a policeman named Chari. In this movie I, Naveen Chandra is not the hero but the story hero for this movie.

Q: What gave you satisfaction as an actor and director in this film?

I like to be fully involved in whatever I do. As an actor and a director, I have both been satisfied with this film. No matter if I am a doctor or we have a school and clothing business called Leela Group. I was fully involved in this business as well and did that work.

Q: When is the next movie?

We are currently focusing on this movie. Think about the rest of the movie after it is released.

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