Sankar’s Formula Worked For A Safe Hit

We all know that Shankar is always going to follow a formula. A fantastic novelty, a social problem behind it, all of which are dazzling graphics … it’s his commercial formula from the beginning. Messages that are normally ethical are usually left out of the award-winning films. But Shankar is a unique style from the beginning. Shankar’s wonderful talent to tell the message in a commercial format. Thrilling thrillers in the beginning of the film, surprise with the graphics, and finally bringing the film to the public with the social problem – all of this is not a compromise in a commercial format. The film coming after Asale Baahubali. Even if you want to raise the Tamil Prakash like Telugu Pride … But the budget has crossed 600 crores. How can he risk? That’s why he went in the regular format of commercial format. Since Telugu and Tamil people are familiar with it – this film is not a big thrill for some of us. However, the Hindus see this movie and are dumbfounded. The reason is that they are new to Shankar style!

In this case, Rajani will be seen in four characters. Scientist Vascular, Robot 1.0, Tiny 2.0, Tiny 3.0. Everything else has different styles. What would Rajini say in particular about the action? Akshay Kumar was really impressed. His flashback scenes as a bird lover are awesome than in the role of a frightening villain with graphics. Amy Jackson – if the beautiful Auroboo Vennela is no better than herself! That’s awesome.

Those who want to see 2.0 need to make a decision first. It does not see piracy copies. Tudi can not be seen in the theater. No matter in any situation, the film is to be seen in three. This is because it is totally different in the three-dimensional experience. Another word! Shankar movies like everything else – 2.0 is also the first time an average of those who break the lip that is an average. The third time is fine. That’s the magic in this movie. And whether this magic is going to beat the amazon or that’s what everyone is discussing now. Anyway, all the films that are shocking Bollywood are proud of us.

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