Samsung, Xiaomi Fight For Indian Market!

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The kings were once battling for a country. But now the phone companies are going to grab on a country market. Away – Sam Sang Shiami.

Samsung has been on the top of the Indian market – the top. It is not surprising that Sam Sang was originally remembered for the Indians. When the new Samsung Galaxy phones came into the market – the phone had a status of a status symbol Sam Sang lied to the hearts of Indians. In recent years, Xiaomi’s phones have grown so popular. That’s why Samsung can not digest it now.

The name of China apple for Shiai company phones. They were very popular early in India. But in the latter case, they have been accused. These phones used the Indian data to be tampered with the phone being used to access the Chinese servers, and even from the militia angle, As time passes, the quality of Mi phones has increased. It’s just like Apple phones with the strong construction of the problem that has been completely disturbed from the problems of warming. Shayamy assured people that there is no problem for the data. This has led to the reduction of data security – the people followed.

Mi phones have many reasons to get good response. All the most important apps along with the phone are to be able to use all the different devices .. Remote. Besides being a default for various tasks, Jefferies is also a plus point in Shiami. For instance, if you want to take a screen shot on the Android phone of different companies, the volume plus button, the power button, must be tapped together. If this is on the Mi phone – put on the screen with three fingers, it will be saved as a screen shot. Many of these shortcuts are available on Mi phones. Also on the Shyamy phones there is a lot of themes and wallpapers.

Sam sang phones are very popular for the display. But they are a little delicate. Samsung’s phones also have a battery – even though it’s a bit better – in the past a lot of trouble. But Shayyi’s phones do not. These are strong as Apple phones. More ready-made features Shyamy is now in the Indian market for such reasons. Listen to Samsung’s new strategies for reducing its market backwards. Business There will be more!

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