Samsung Galaxy S9’sTouch Screen “Dead?”

We know how much Hype has got for Samsung Galaxy S9. After the S7 exploded, they said that S8 was carefully prepared. However, in the next S9, it has been further hype – to restore the lost image of Galaxy phones. It is the best smart phone display ever to come out with great campaign. The camera is also very great. In total, S9 was promoted as the most developed version. With the S9, the S9+ has also brought the lens to the market with two lenses.
But the S9, S9 + is a sad thing in both of these. That’s why most of the users do not work in some places. If the touch screen does not work, it’s dead. The phones are compatible with the touch screen being part of the phone. In some places on the panel it is not entirely a linear array that works as a whole touch. Why this is happening – experts say there is a problem with the digitizer in this. It’s really awkward to hear similar reports of Sam Sung, the so-called promoted S9, S9+!

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