Same 2 Shame.. Here And There

Same 2 Shame.. Here And There

The Telugu Desam Party has almost completely lost its existence at the Telugu state level. As well as at the center there – the almost lost Congress party. Now it is strange that people are discussing the same developments in both the parties.

Sonia Gandhi has announced that she will not be the caretaker president but will be the full-fledged president, fearing that if the Congress hands over the reins of the Congress to Rahul at the Center, discontent among the seniors will increase. It is strange that such an evolution of Achcham is happening in AP at almost the same time.

Same 2 Shame.. Here And There 1

TDP seniors have told Chandrababu that if the TDP wants to retain its presence in the upcoming elections in 2024 – as a candidate for Jagan’s position on behalf of ‘Telugudesam’ – there is no chance of showing Lokesh. If there is anyone in the TDP who can compete with Jagan, it is because there is a feeling among the people that it is only for Chandrababu, so they all want Chandrababu to stand in front and lead the TDP in the coming 2024 elections as well. If not – if Lokesh is handed over the leadership – they are adamant that “Lokesh vs Jagan” is in danger of turning into a joke and that Jagan’s victory will be a reality. However, it does not matter if the junior NTR is brought into the party, but Lokesh is adamant that he will not be able to compete with Jagan.

For whatever reason, the name ‘Pappu’ has already become popular for Lokesh. Even at the Center – Rahul is often referred to as ‘Pappu’ as an incompetent leader. Now the story of the two pulses is the same … Netizens are commenting that the party is incapable of taking the reins as a youth.

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