Samantha’s New FootWear Superb!

Samantha's New FootWear Superb!

Do not misunderstand – in the wake of Samantha’s recent removal of Akkineni from her name – by looking at this title. What we say is really a matter of sandals! Recently Samantha appeared in a footwear product advertisement called ‘Niemens’.

Samantha's New FootWear Superb! 1

This company called neemans makes shoes and slippers. The great thing is … these shoes are all made by recycling old plastic bottles.

How to make a shoe from original plastic bottles? How? Useless plastic bottles are first converted into flakes. Then make them into chips and create a thread out of them so that the shoes float. This is a unique recycling approach. Leading media houses like CNBC, Times Now, Hindu have already written exclusively about the variety products made by this Niemens company.

Samantha's New FootWear Superb! 2

Niemens Company – Wool Shoes, Cotton, Slippers. So how are these? The weight of these sandals is very light. They also have the flexibility to bend as much as you want. Most important of all – these shoes are ‘Odor Resistant Shoes’. This means that the stench does not come from these.

If you wear shoes normally, you will get a lot of trouble in the evening when the wind blows on your feet. However, these are breathable shoes. So even though these shoes are worn on the feet, they say that the air plays well on the feet. Playing in the air like this is likely to escape the stench. When normal shoes are used, the stench coming from those socks is unbearable. However we do not need to use socks when wearing Niemens‌ shoes. Due to the fact that the shoes are resistant to odors … there is no chance of bad smell.

Samantha's New FootWear Superb! 3

That’s not all. Niemens‌ Shoes Washable‌. This means that they – like clothes – can be placed directly in the washing machine and cleaned. Not only that … they also work for summer and winter.

So … do you want to buy these with so many good features? Some old water bottles … recycling shoes … are you saying .. don’t underestimate the rate. Rates range from Rs 3,000 to Rs 5,000 per shoe pair.

Original brand new shoes‌. The cost is high. But looking at the features‌ is good. What? What if you don’t like spending so much? – No problem. These can be used for days a week. If you do not like it can be exchanged. Yes. Niemens also offer the opportunity to use their shoes for a 7 day period. Your money will be refunded to you if you do not like it. So there is no risk. Features If you like it, try this new type of shoes.

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