Samantha Divorce Gossips in Tamil Magazines!

Samantha Divorce Gossips in Tamil Magazines!

We know that celebrities fans are most dangerous than others. The fans are more aggressive than the celebrities, they need their hero’s personal details than others. They are getting into celebrities personal life and making it to worse. Some people still go ahead and say, how to behave? whom to marry? and all other things. This is a kind of mental stability.

Recently, heroine Samantha was married to Naga Chaitanya. They are living happily too. However, after the wedding, Samantha continues to act in films and recently got hits like Rangasthalam, Irumbuthirai Mahanati. There is also a fact that Samantha exposed heavily in Rangasthalam movie like never before. Some critics also shocked that character of Samantha and gave negative comments, By this rumours, some of the magazines began plotting a story. Some Tamil movie magazines like CineKutthu and Vanthithirai live entirely with cinema gossips. In a June issue of CineKutthu magazine, They published that Samantha is taking divorce from Naga Chaitanya. Anyone who read it – They really thought that Samantha will take divorce from Naga Chaitanya. They wrote by saying that Naga Chaitanya has scolded Samantha and Nagarjuna didn’t like Samantha to act in films. So, Samantha exposed heavily in Rangasthalam movie due to anger on Akkineni Nagarjuna. This is the article which is published in that magazines. Tamil magazines are really publishing cheap articles for money. More recently, Naga Chaitanya himself has said that he has no objection to Samantha acting in films, Samantha will keep on making films. How much gossips do you write – it’s not a good culture to write down to a level that does not get too much to ruin lives.

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